My Spring Skincare/Hair Care Routine!

It’s about that time of the season where I pull back the door on my bathroom medicine cabinet and talk about the newest additions in my skincare/hair care regimen that I’ve been enjoying and/or obtaining incredible results with over the past couple of months. That’s right, everyone- today we’re talking about the fourth (!!!) installment of my Springtime “get your glow on” routine!

I’ve clarified this in the past, but the items displayed and discussed in these seasonal posts are not the only things I use every day/night. My routine consists of cleansers, serums, moisturizers and SPF- of course!- and many products that are still in my rotation were featured in past showcases, which I’ll link to below.

Today I’m simply highlighting some of the newer additions I’ve been incorporating into my every day use during one of the most unpredictable times of the year weather and temperature-wise! This season I have been all about keeping my skin balanced, bright and smooth- especially since I’m easing into a more lightweight makeup look with the warmer and more humid climate approaching!

And if you’re curious about any of my past installments:

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So what have I been obsessing over all Spring for my skincare? From a deep-cleaning mask I talked about in my March Favorites, to a super refreshing facial mist and a skin brightener that has made my “no makeup” days in the sunshine (or mid-Spring torrential downpours) look flawless- I’ve got the links and prices coming right up!


For my hair this Spring, I am fully embracing my curls and the lighter shade of red/peach I dyed them earlier in the season. That means incorporating lightweight, curl-protecting creams and color-enhancing mousse into my morning routine after I use my usual moisturizing and protective shampoo/conditioner.

My goal has been effortless, bouncy and soft waves that last between my scheduled salon visits- and the products I’ve been introduced to this time around have been crucial in obtaining that look!

And with that, my recap of my Spring skincare/hair care routine is complete! I absolutely love all of these products (and many of the ones I’ve shared in the past,) and am looking forward to seeing what I’ll still be using- or anything new that gets added!- when I put together my Summer collection in a few months!


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