My Winter Skincare/Hair Care Routine!

When I was in college, I worked a series of part-time jobs to make ends meet in-between classes, studying, and preparing for my degree. I’ve done a little bit of everything- from waitressing, retail shifts, to working the lights at a comedy club in Harvard Square. One of my more well-known jobs way back when was as a consultant for Clinique Cosmetics. I wore a lab coat, played with makeup most evenings/weekends- and picked up a lot of insider tips/tricks and information when it came to skin care.

Two skincare myths were debunked right away during my time there:

  1. Pricier products work best on your skin/for your complexion, and;
  2. You need to use products that are all from the same brand. You shouldn’t “mix and match.”

Now, I’m not hating on expensive skincare. I like to splurge from time to time, too- but spending a small fortune isn’t mandatory to have clear, smooth and soft skin. Neither is brand loyalty- and this is coming from someone who wants to be buried with her Tarte mascaras when she dies.

You can like a cleanser from one brand but hate how their moisturizer feels. You can enjoy the benefits of a purifying mask from another brand, but have a bad reaction to that same brand’s toner. The trick to maintaining good skin is knowing the type you have, what triggers bad reactions/results for your complexion, and then seeking out products that don’t have harmful ingredients and which boost gentle exfoliation and evenly distributed hydration.

That, and SPF. Always, always, ALWAYS wear SPF.

And sure, you can find these things at a high end department store- but you can also find similar, just-as-good products at your local drug store/pharmacy, too. As someone with combination skin and who is attempting to budget properly this Winter- I opted for a little bit of both to keep my complexion from getting dull or patchy in the colder months.

Here’s what I use!

My hair care routine is also a mixed bag of different products and leave-in treatments from various brands that I’ve liked over the years. I have color treated hair, so sulfates are a big no-go for me in general- but the cold weather can also suck the life out of my curls every time I step outside.

Frizz can also be an issue in the Winter, since I wear a lot of hats while I’m outdoors this time of year.

When the temperatures drop and it starts snowing where I live- I turn to color-safe shampoos, deeply hydrating conditioners, protective oils- and leave-in styling products that will condition and soften my hair as it dries without leaving my stands stiff or crunchy.

This is what I’ve been using this Winter:


And that is my Winter skincare/hair care routine for 2020. I know that come Spring/Summer, a lot of these products will be phased out for different ones depending on my needs and the seasonal changes my body and complexion go through- but for these past few weeks/couple of months- this collection has been an absolute lifesaver for me! Especially when it dips into the single digits outside.

I may have to worry about shoveling or driving in icy conditions for a few more weeks- but I never have to worry about my skin or my hair looking or feeling dry and dull.


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