Local Loves: The Painted Stone

With Mother’s Day coming up within the next couple of weeks, and my planned mini-vacation to California happening right before it- I wanted to get a head start on picking out a unique and beautiful gift to give my mom before I made my way to the airport for take-off (and we have dinner plans for when I get back, too!)

I always find the most treasured mementos and presents in and around New England’s smaller, independently-owned mom & pop shops (and we have so many of them to discover and choose from!) but a co-worker recently recommended The Painted Stone in Sturbridge, Massachusetts- not far from where I grew up- and I stopped by this past weekend to finally check it out!

Located on Main Street, The Painted Stone carries a wide array of crystals, precious stones and beading supplies for crafts- as well as houseplants, locally-made natural soaps and oils, jewelry, furniture and art- including paintings and sculptures. Each corner and every room I stepped into inside the store led me to discovering even more beautifully made items for sale- and I spent a good amount of time looking at each and every thing I could!

And although I’m not particularly knowledgeable about crystals or what all the different ones mean/represent or their purpose- the staff was so friendly and helpful when answering the many questions I had.

I found a couple of great Mother’s Day presents that I know my mom is going to love putting on display in her house, and I also picked up some beautifully-scented soap for myself and my apartment while I was there, too. You can never have enough handcrafted, artisan soap!

My visit to The Painted Stone was such a pleasant and relaxing shopping experience- a truly wonderful stop to make on a Sunday afternoon- and I’ll definitely be dropping in again the next time I’m traveling through Sturbridge!


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