A Tale of Food Trucks and Frozen Drinks…

Well hello there, May! How good of you to finally arrive- although it looks like you brought a significant amount of rainfall with you. While torrential downpours are nothing new this time of year in New England (it’s still better than snow!) the recent weather made for a more quiet and cozy weekend indoors these past couple of days. Instead of spending my days off in the sunshine or driving with my windows down while I ran errands/met up with friends- I hid under a hoodie and kept an umbrella within reach at all times given it was coming down heavy.

I still had a great weekend, though. Dan’s parents were in town for a quick visit at the end of last week and invited me along to a stop they were making at the Local Burgy food truck in Haydenville- where I indulged in some of the best fish tacos and pulled pork mac & cheese around. The truck is one of their favorite Spring/Summer spots- and it has quickly become one of my favorites, too! Despite the weather, we still managed to stay dry and warm at a covered picnic table while we ate and caught up. It’s always so good seeing them!

Dan and I also swung by Gigantic during the end-of-the-week festivities to try our their brand new Spring menu now that their limited-time Tiki event is over for the season. Although I had a few sips of a couple of different drinks, including Dan’s cowboy-themed cocktail and the gin-infused ‘Spanish Steps,’ it was the frozen ‘East of Istanbul’ (with coconut, mango and kefir!) that absolutely made the night. I could have easily had three more during the course of our stay- that’s how tasty and smooth they were. So refreshing!

I’m hoping that any of my favorite bars in San Diego can whip up something half as good while I’m vacationing there for a few days next week. I want to soak in the sun pool-side or by the ocean and really kick back!

A little later on this week, I’m sharing the details about another really cool spot/shop I also stopped by this past weekend when my curiosity got to me- as well as my updated Springtime skin and hair care regimen.

You best believe I’ve been keeping busy during all this rain!


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Hi! I'm Ashley. I'm a blogger and a radio personality with a makeup and shoe addiction based out of Boston and the Pioneer Valley. These are my (mis)adventures.

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