My Summer Skincare/Hair Care Routine!

Even though I’m already getting e-mails advertising Halloween events and Fall-inspired décor and candles- I’m still holding onto Summer with both hands- and will keep holding on right through August and into Labor Day Weekend (I’m going to be all about pumpkin spice after that, though.)

That includes continued use and enjoyment of the additions to my skincare and hair care regimen I’ve made this past season. Every few months, especially in New England’s ever-changing climate- I have to make adjustments to my routines- adding or omitting products that do not give me the results I need or want based on the weather and how my skin/hair reacts to said weather. For example, in the Winter months I need more hydration- whereas in the Summer I need to keep everything lightweight and as oil-free as possible.

So this Summer I’ve got just a couple of things I’ve added into each category- including “barely there” serums and frizz-fighting heroes. And of course, if you’d like to see some of my past collections- I’ve linked them here!

2022: [ WINTER ] [ SPRING ]

2021: [ WINTER ] [ SPRING ] [ SUMMER ] [ FALL ]

2020: [ WINTER ] [ SPRING ] [ SUMMER ] [ FALL ]


My skincare system, which has remained largely unchanged since the Spring- now includes a powerful rejuvenating overnight serum that has saved my skin throughout my extensive time in the sun, and an effective eye cream that has brightened and smoothed out my skin- even after the latest of nights out at the beach!

I don’t flat-iron/straighten my hair much in the Summer, simply because the humidity levels in Massachusetts ruin any progress I make seconds after I step outside- so I keep it natural and fuss-free this time of year- utilizing soft creams/serums to tame frizz and fly-aways while defining my curls and avoiding the dreaded “weigh down” some products cause that can make hot days feel even hotter when your hair is sticking to your face and neck.

And best of all? These products aren’t expensive at all.

And that’s it- a quick and easy update for my Summer routines! My skin is glowing, my hair is soft and shiny- and I’m ready to wrap up the season in the coming weeks ahead and get ready to update my collections all over again for the Fall!

Of course- if you’d like to share some of your own favorite Summer skincare/hair care products and finds for this time of year- drop me a line!


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