“Through the Looking-Glass…”

One of the things I had included in my Summer 2022 “Must Visit/See” list was a trip to The Alice in NYC- an immersive, ‘Alice in Wonderland’-themed cocktail bar on Amsterdam Avenue that I had seen advertised, more than likely in the middle of the night, and sleepily said to myself: “oh yeah, I’d do that.”

But let’s be real- heatwaves in NYC are, in a word, gross– and the thought of having a full travel day of catching commuter rails and subways in 90+ degree temperatures just to grab a drink did not make a whole lot of sense in hindsight- and I had since reluctantly shelved the idea/location for a cooler, crisper day in the Fall or next Spring to finally check it out.

But, much to my surprise- I stumbled on an equally cute, equally unique, much closer to my hometown but far less-boozy ‘Alice in Wonderland’ experience of my own this past weekend- all on accident!

I’ve written about Mystic, Connecticut in the past. Visiting every Summer- be it the aquarium, Olde Mistick Village, Mystic Pizza (of course!) or it’s busy downtown area and docks- has been a tradition for my family and I since I was a little kid. And it’s a place I try to stop by at least once or twice this time of year.

This past weekend, with a day freed up- I made the scenic drive down from my hometown with ice cream and some window shopping on my mind. It wasn’t until I struggled to find parking by Olde Mistick Village when a spot freed up- right next to a bright pink building I’d never noticed before.

The building in question was Alice in the Village– an ‘Alice in Wonderland’-themed café and bakery- and the inside was just as fun and clever as the outside!

I grabbed a pineapple bubble tea (with mango popping candies!) to enjoy while I looked around- only to discover another unknown gem right next door!

‘Alice’s Haunted Little Bookshop’- connected to the bakery- gives super camp and super ‘Haunted Mansion’ vibes with it’s spooky-but-silly decorations and aesthetic. They sell classic horror books, comics, toys/collectibles- as well as some new releases- but they have a locked display near the back of the store that houses pricier rarities, too- including original works from Edgar Allan Poe and town records from Salem circa The Witch Trials.

So neat!

I’ll definitely be heading back soon for more food and photos- but I highly recommend visiting both locations if you’re in the area. I had a blast- and I didn’t have to brave the NYC subway system during the hottest time of the year to do it!


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Hi! I'm Ashley. I'm a blogger and a radio personality with a makeup and shoe addiction based out of Boston and the Pioneer Valley. These are my (mis)adventures.

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