My Fall Skincare/Hair Care Routine!

Before I begin this season’s installment of new finds and favorites in my current skincare and hair care regimens- I think it’s important to define the “routine” part of the “My Fall Skincare/Hair Care Routine!” post title- especially because people have reached out to ask me if any of the products featured in past installments (which I’ll link to in a bit!) are all that I’m using at any given moment.

The answer is absolutely not! My skin and my hair, like many others’, can be complex and require a variety of products to target different needs- especially if you live in a climate like mine where the seasons and environment can change drastically in a brief amount of time. I deal with oily skin and frizzy hair when it’s hot and humid out during the Spring and Summer, and then experience dry patches along my cheeks and chin or split ends once the temperatures drop in the Fall and Winter- so my assortment of go-to products is always changing and evolving based on what I’m trying to fix/avoid throughout the year.

That being said, I often return to purchases I’ve discussed in past installments of these posts over the years- be it cleansers, eye creams, or styling products- and because of that I rarely feature them a second time. I instead choose to focus on new finds that are giving me great results during the current season- especially since I don’t think there’s enough time (or room!) to list each and every single product I use on most days!

And of course, if you’d like to visit my past collections- I’ll link them here!

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For my skincare this season, I’ve incorporated three new products into my current Autumn lineup- including an affordable gel cleanser that leaves my skin squeaky clean (without drying it out!), a beautiful daily serum and a duo-use night/eye cream that was a bit of a splurge at the start of the season but has since become an obsession.

  • Daily Cleanser: Bubble Skincare Fresh Start Gel Cleanser [$17 – MORE INFO]
  • Daily Serum: Earth Harbor Celestine Hydra-Plumping Peptide Serum [$45 – MORE INFO]
  • Night Cream/Eye Cream: Avant Skincare Deluxe Hyaluronic Acid Face & Eye Night Cream [$134 – MORE INFO]

For my hair care this season, I wanted to try out more products from Native– a brand I’ve trusted for a long time for things like deodorant and body wash given their transparent look into their products and their natural, clean ingredients- and that I’ve also loved for just as long because everything they make smells absolutely fantastic.

I leaned heavily into their Fall collection this year- specifically their warm cider and cinnamon-scented products. I’ve been living for this shampoo and conditioner these past couple of months- which makes my curls look and feel so soft- and has them smelling like apple cider!

  • Shampoo: Native Moisturizing Shampoo in ‘Warm Cider & Cinnamon’ [$10 – MORE INFO]
  • Conditioner: Native Moisturizing Conditioner in ‘Warm Cider & Cinnamon’ [$10 – MORE INFO]

And there we have it! My current (but not complete!) regimen for the season. My skin and hair has been looking good and feeling even better lately- so I’m excited to see what I carry with me into the Winter and what new additions I’ll be sharing the next time I put together one of these posts in early 2023!


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