Local Loves: Carr’s Ciderhouse

Just because it’s November and many places are gearing up for the impending holidays doesn’t mean that the Autumnal activities are coming to an end anytime soon. Sure, most of the trees here in Massachusetts are bare (side note: the crunching they make under my boots is my favorite sound of all!)– but we still have plenty of cider to go around for the next few weeks! Case in point, this past weekend was the annual Cider Days community celebration in and around the Pioneer Valley- where multiple cider houses and orchards host events and tastings for three days.

I went to an early morning cider pressing at nearby Clarkdale Fruit Farm on Saturday (and indulged in so much cider and delicious baked goods) before I gradually made my way to one of the best outdoor taprooms in all of Western Massachusetts- Carr’s Ciderhouse– where I soaked up the sunshine and scenery on what was a warmer-than-expected day.

Located in Hadley, Massachusetts- Carr’s is a family-owned and operated farm that serve delicious and refreshing hard ciders in their outdoor seating area, and sell to-go, returnable bottles and an array of homemade vinegars and syrups in their roadside farm-stand shop. They also have locally sourced meat, yarn and their own cookbook available to purchase- which was really fun to flip through while I was savoring a hard cider with strawberry syrup. It was wonderful. They believe in natural products and processes, and promote sustainability with everything they grow/produce.

The staff are so friendly and knowledgeable- and can answer any questions you have about their products or how they’re made. You can also find a selection of some of their goods and recipes from their cookbook available on their website if you’re unable to make it to Hadley within the coming weeks.

I had an absolutely delightful time visiting and talking with everyone in-between fawning all over the goats they had nearby or just taking in the scent of the chestnuts they were roasting for patrons- and I’m looking forward to stopping by and stocking up on some ciders to bring to Friendsgiving this year when I get back from Texas in a few days!


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