OOTD: Woolen Minis

There’s not much I love more in terms of Fall fashion than a chunky sweater, some comfortable denim and a stylish pair of boots. The combination is practically my assigned uniform this time of year- but it’s not very practical when the temperatures abruptly reach the mid-70s in New England. When that happens (which isn’t often and therefore catches everyone off-guard)– that sweater suddenly becomes stifling hot and the denim, regardless of how loose-fitting it is, feels a little more restrictive. Heat stroke? In November? No thanks.

So when that very weather anomaly occurred this past weekend when I was preparing to head out for a day around the Valley- I opted to change up my planned layers a little bit. Off came the cashmere sweater and boot-cut jeans, which were replaced with a lightweight black turtleneck and a black and white wool mini-skirt, instead.

But I kept the olive boots with the ensemble. There was no way I wasn’t wearing those.

The skirt is a beloved find I had spotted while window shopping in Newport, Rhode Island a few years ago right around Christmastime. I had intended for it to be office attire for the New Year when paired with some black tights- but I’ve since found it gets more wear during the weekends.

And I’ve been carrying around my latest bag obsession for the season- this Vera Wang purse that holds all of my essentials and matches pretty much everything in my Fall wardrobe right now.

Given the forecast for Houston this week, which calls for some hot and sunny days ahead- I don’t think I’ll be bringing this with me while I travel- but I’m hoping to get at least one or two more wears out of this one when I return home before Winter makes it’s grand entrance!

[ Photos by Dan Little ]


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