A Few of My Favorite Things: March 2023

If April showers bring May flowers, then I’m not entirely sure what March snow, sleet and rain brings- but there was a lot of it this month and I’m hoping it’s nourishing good things to come in the weeks ahead! March was certainly a busy, hit-the-ground-running month from start to finish, and I fully intend to write about the highlights and memorable moments (of which there were many!) by the end of this week- but first – I gotta’ talk about a few of my favorite things!

Many of you who have been reading ‘Coffee & Chiffon’ for any length of time probably know that I like to showcase some of the products, items, finds, and odds & ends I come across near the end of each month- and with April just a few days away- it’s about that time for me to set them up to look pretty, snap a few photos, and divulge the details.

As always, the things/items I could capture photos of lead these posts, but there are a couple of miscellaneous obsessions I’ll share near the end- so keep on reading for all the goods!

Let’s jump right in!

As excited as I am for Spring (except for the pollen that comes with it,) I think I may subconsciously already be in a Summer state of mind. I’ve been daydreaming about my favorite seaside taco stand, being able to swim in the ocean and pools again, and finding the perfect big hat/sunglasses combination to get me through the season.

It might also have something to do with this body lotion and mist set Bath & Body Works sent me while promoting their Spring/Summer 2023 fragrance line!

While the lotion is loaded with skin-loving ingredients and makes my skin super soft and smooth for hours onn end, it’s the tropical fragrance in both products that have me ready to jet set to the Bahamas. Toasted coconut, neroli and sandalwood are the highlighted notes in this one- and I am absolutely in love with it. I know we haven’t reached April yet, but these are products I fully plan on purchasing before the season is over!

I love a good face mask- and if it exfoliates/polishes my skin while it brightens my complexion and smooths out my pores- even better! I stumbled upon this ‘Dutch Dirt Mask’ from BLOOMEFFECTS earlier this month, and admittedly intrigued by the name- I gave it a shot. The result was glowing, evenly toned and textured skin that was soft to the touch!

Loaded with enzymes, botanical extracts and antioxidants- I’ve been using this mask 1-2x a week throughout March and my skin looks and feels like I just walked out of the spa- complete with that post-treatment tingle and refreshed feeling.

Best of all, a little goes a long way- so there’s no waste of product (or money!) with each use. I’ll definitely be keeping this in my regimen throughout the Spring and Summer when my skin tends to be on the oiler side as the warm weather and humidity approaches!

With Spring here, I’ve been wearing more jewelry now that I know it won’t get swallowed up in big sweaters, scarves and gloves- and one of my favorite new pieces I picked up this month is this Ombre pendant necklace from Vince Camuto. The color combination of different shades of sparkling blue and the gold chain has me yet again thinking about the ocean in the Summertime- but this is a simple-yet-stunning necklace that is perfect for the current season, too!

I’ve been wearing this one to work with billowy blouses or on the weekends when I’ve got more casual, long-sleeved tops on while out with friends or running errands. It’s dainty, but definitely eye catching in the light!

And finally, I got around to swapping out my Winter handbag for a softer, lighter, baby pink vegan leather shoulder bag from Samara Bags this month. Durable, adjustable- and made from natural ingredients- I had been waiting for the snow to be fully gone for the season before I started using this one since the pastel hue is absolutely lovely for the Spring- but I couldn’t help myself and started wearing it around the Pioneer Valley as soon as it arrived at my apartment!

And every bag purchased from Samara contributes to The Soular Backpack, which provides children in East Africa with access to safe, clean lighting sources in order to phase out the harmful effects of kerosene lamps. You can read more about the project at the link above, since it’s a fascinating organization- and it makes the bag feel even more special!


And that just about does it for the photogenic favorites- but a few more things made the list this month that I’m excited to share, too!


‘Real Housewives Ultimate Girls Trip’ – So hear me out. At the height of the pandemic, when everyone was staying home baking bread or attending comedy shows via Zoom or what have you, I binged every episode of every season of every ‘Real Housewives Of…’ franchise. It wasn’t my proudest moment, but there was something about losing myself in the absolutely insane, petty dramatics of rich women in major cities across the country that momentarily took me away from the horrors of COVID-19. And now, even though we’re able to congregate and travel freely again- I’m still hooked. It’s trash TV at it’s finest!

The most recent installment involves taking some of the MVPs and more controversial figures in various shows and sending them somewhere new as a group for a few weeks- and it’s fantastic. The fashion! The cocktails! The backstabbing! It’s my guiltiest pleasure and I had to talk about how much fun I have watching it every week.


‘Resident Evil 4’ – Oh, I love a good remastering of a game I adore- and I was so, so excited to see that one of the scarier games in the ‘Resident Evil’ franchise was getting a makeover. As expected, the graphics are incredible and the gameplay is super smooth- but the remastered ‘RE4’ also seems infinitely more terrifying than the one I remember playing in the dark so any years ago!

I’m excited to dedicate more time to finishing this one during some down time I have in the next couple of weeks, and I highly recommend it if you’re a fan of ‘Resident Evil’ or horror games in general!


And there it is, my ‘Favorite Things’ from March 2023! I love putting together these little recaps each month since I have so much fun discovering new things, and I’m sure I’ll have more too share in my next installment in April!


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