March Madness…

Although I’ve got my usual “end of the month wrap-up” posts lined up a little later on this week, including sharing some of my favorite things/products and highlights from these past few weeks- it’s worth mentioning (again) that I can’t believe the month is nearly over! Spring is struggling to break free of Winter’s icy grip and truly thrive here in New England,, and we’ve been having days filled with warmth and sunshine, then days filed with snow and freezing rain- and then sporadic thunderstorms here and there.

It’s nothing new, really- we’re all used to it – but it makes choosing the right jacket or shoes for the day a little more challenging each morning since you never really know how the day is going to unfold.

Last week, in what I’m hoping will be the last snowy hike I take for a few months, Troy and I visited Chapel Brook in Ashfield for some fresh air on what would be his last night here on the East Coast during his most recent stay. Although the trail felt long, and cold, and treacherous at times- it made for some great photos.

By the end of the week, I was trying to manifest warmer weather with warmer food. Dan and I stopped by one of my favorite restaurants in Northampton, Mama Iguana’s, for a final margarita and tacos since they’ll sadly be closing for good by the end of this week. It was a fitting farewell to a place that I’ve enjoyed for many, many years. I’ll miss it!

We also stopped by Herrell’s Ice Cream down the road before we headed back to Greenfield- because I’m not going to let some frigid temperatures and gusty Northeastern wind keep me from having pistachio frozen yogurt. It’s one of my favorites.

And in a couple of days, we’ll see if it made my “Favorite Things” for this month!


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