Local Loves: Fitzwilly’s

And I’m back! While I had wanted to share this post a couple of days ago on one of my regularly scheduled “Blogging Days,” I was admittedly a little exhausted, as Troy’s flight back to California left in the wee hours of Wednesday morning and I had to bring him to the airport well before the crack of dawn. When it came time to sit down and get some writing done- my eyes were way too tired to look at a screen for any length of time! I took a day to nap and tidy my place up, and now here I am again!

Whenever I’m putting together my weekly/bi-weekly ‘Local Loves’ posts, I try to cover a wide assortment of locations that I’m fond of- be it restaurants, boutique shops, hidden historical and educational gems or unusual roadside oddities that many people may otherwise miss when traveling through or visiting New England. We have so many of each, after all!

And this week’s ‘Local Loves’ location is especially poignant to me, because it’s a restaurant I’ve been to many times with some of my closest friends and family for over a decade- long before I even moved to the Pioneer Valley!- and it’s survival during the COVID-19 pandemic has made me so happy since I have so many fun and silly memories there.

Fitzwilly’s in downtown Northampton, Massachusetts serves your typical American bar food and beverages in an over-the-top decorated space that extends beyond multiple rooms and a second floor- and has been doing so since 1974- but they never miss. The food is always comforting and delicious, the drinks are perfectly mixed (the Bahama Blue Mama is my go-to!) and the staff are always super friendly- even during busy nights and/or crazy events. It was a short walk from Troy’s old apartment prior to his move to the West Coast, and we frequented there often- and now it’s just a slightly longer drive from my own apartment.

I stopped by a few nights ago with my friend/neighbor/photographer extraordinaire, Dan, where we met up with his parents while they were in town for a visit. It’s always so good being able to spend time with them and catch up with them- so I was very happy Dan had chosen Fitzwilly’s as the meeting place. He and I had been craving pulled pork nachos in recent days- and they make the best ones!

We all had so much food- from wings, to bacon jam burgers (my pick!) to blueberry cheesecake- and, as always- the company and conversation were great. Dan’s family have been so welcoming and kind to me since he and I met and became friends and collaborators a couple of years ago, and I’m so grateful for that!

If you’re ever in downtown Northampton (and there are a lot of reasons to visit!) be sure you add Fitzwilly”s to your lunch/dinner must-do list. You won’t regret it. I never do!


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