“There Is A Place That Exists – Just Give It Some Time…”

Having to return to work on the first day of Spring and after a particularly superb long weekend just feels unfair- but I’m back at the office today and catching up on all the things I’d missed since I set off for a mini-“staycation” last week while Troy is in town visiting for a few days. I had talked about just a few of our adventures last Friday before taking off for the many other things we had planned over the last (nearly) 72 hours.

On Friday night, Troy and I embarked on a bit of a long journey from the Pioneer Valley to Mohegan Sun Casino in Connecticut to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day with a couple of drinks, a visit with one of my longtime friends passing through the area- and an absolutely electric set by The Killers. The evening marked Troy’s second time seeing them live, although I’ve lost count at how many shows I’ve seen over these past twenty-or-so-years!

Either way, it was absolutely fantastic- and we got to sing and dance along beneath the confetti from the pit in front of the stage. So, SO much fun!

After a late start on Saturday (we really needed the sleep!) Troy and I once again headed out to the Berkshires to visit one of his favorite places- MASS MoCA – to check out some of the new exhibits, like EJ Hill’s ‘Brake Run Helix’ (a bright pink indoor rollercoaster) and Laurie Anderson’s ‘Chalkroom’. Our North Adams excursion actually extended into Sunday, as well- given we had a two-day pass- so we made sure we saw everything before we left the museum!

While out in the snowy Western Massachusetts landscape, we stumbled on Santarella in Tyringham- a gingerbread-house-inspired wedding venue and Airbnb that looked like something straight out of ‘Lord of The Rings.’ We snapped as many photos as we could from the driveway (open to the public!) and are absolutely going to try and plan a Spring or Summertime stay. We looked at photos of the property’s interior and it is adorable.

Of course, our weekend of live music and art was occasionally punctuated with great food and drinks at places like 51 Park Restaurant & Tavern in Lee. They still had their St. Patrick’s Day menu throughout the weekend, and everything was delicious.

And now with another work week ahead, I’m looking forward to a couple of additional post-office adventures over the next couple of days before Troy returns home to California!

I’m sure I’ll take more pics! I always do!


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Hi! I'm Ashley. I'm a blogger and a radio personality with a makeup and shoe addiction based out of Boston and the Pioneer Valley. These are my (mis)adventures.

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