A Month to Remember: March 2023

Happy *almost* April, everyone! As excited as I am for the coming weeks ahead since I’ve got days full of travel, parties and (hopefully) some sunshine ahead of me- I have to take some time to acknowledge, pay respects to and give so much love to March 2023. While January and February felt like they were here and gone in the blink of an eye, it was March that gave me some much-needed time to slow down, unwind and stop to smell the flowers- literally!

I had started the month by trying to make the best of New England’s very unpredictable weather, hiking trails in the Berkshires and snapping photos of the scenery as the flakes continued to fly and accumulate foot by foot. But when the snow got to be a little too much for me, I was able to experience a hint of Springtime when I visited Smith College’s Botanical Garden for their annual bulb show. It was absolutely beautiful- and actually provided quite a breathtaking backdrop for one of my bi-weekly Outfit-Of-The-Day posts!

This month saw me introducing my friends and loved ones to new places while they were in town, like taking my mother to the Montague Book Mill for the first time, or when Troy and I were competing to see who could bring the other to the most “never been seen/experienced” locations while he was visiting from the West Coast for a week.

I spent St. Patrick’s day weekend in the company of longtime, beloved friends and live music by one of my favorite bands as well as some modern art in both Connecticut and Western Massachusetts- and then enjoyed great food and fun on “St. Danny’s Day” (the holiday my friend Dan’s family invented for him since his brother Patrick gets his own holiday!) when Dan’s parents came to visit for an evening near the end of the month.

To close out March properly- it seemed fitting to have one last snowy hike and a margarita at one of my favorite local Mexican food restaurants that is sadly closing it’s doors for good this coming weekend.

And now with March pretty much in the books- it’s time to look ahead to April! This coming month I’ll be heading back to Salem (Wrestlemania, baby!) Maryland, and picturesque places in New Hampshire as the weather gets a little warmer and the trees and flowers start blooming again!

And in-between travels, I’ll have lots of recipes, Springtime ensembles and much beloved products to share/highlight, too!

See you all after the weekend!


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Hi! I'm Ashley. I'm a blogger and a radio personality with a makeup and shoe addiction based out of Boston and the Pioneer Valley. These are my (mis)adventures.

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