Brunches and Bookstores…

The week is shaping up to be a pretty busy one for me, not only because we have another snowstorm on the way in the coming days ahead, but because Troy is visiting from California for a bit and I’ve been getting my apartment and schedule sorted out to welcome him back. We’ve been making plans for a couple of days off I took later on this week, including potentially catching some live music in Connecticut for St. Patrick’s Day (I hope I’ll have plenty of photos to share next week from it!)

That being said, this past weekend was all about errands- buying groceries, cleaning my place (and car) from top to bottom, and making sure I’m all caught up on work and tasks so that I’m not completely overwhelmed when I return to my office next Monday. There’s nothing worse than coming back from a vacation/mini vacation and immediately feeling like you need another one the second you open your e-mail!

I did put aside some time for a great brunch and early afternoon out and about with my mom, however. On Saturday, while taking a break from the aforementioned errands- I picked her up to bring her to the Montague Book Mill. Some of you may remember I wrote about it back in 2021, and Troy and I had stopped by there this past New Year’s Day to look around during a break from our long drive back home from Salem- but my mom had never been before.

Given she’s a big fan of all the little shops and unique restaurants out my way- it felt like it’d be a nice surprise for her- and I wasn’t wrong! She immediately fell in love with the mill and all it’s little nooks and hideaways to read, lounge or study- and she audibly gasped when she saw the Saw Mill River rushing below us from the windows.

We ate at The Lady Killigrew Café, the on-site restaurant at the mill, where we each had fantastic pressed sandwiches, salads, and homemade iced tea before it was time to hit the road again and finish the things we had set out to accomplish during the day- but we had such a nice time- and I promised her we’d go back again soon!

A little later on this week I’ll have a comfort food recipe I always love making during the colder months, and a peek into my mini-vacation I’ve got coming up- so be sure to check back or follow along on my INSTAGRAM.

‘Til next time!


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