The Winter Weather Battle Royale…

I take full responsibility for jinxing all of New England when I recently wrote about how it was starting to feel like Spring here. Clearly my eagerness for a new and warmer season angered some higher power that somehow controls the weather, because it has been snowing on and off for about a week now- with varying levels of accumulation- and any sunlight is short-lived and temporary before another storm rolls through. I’ve lived in this region my whole life, and I’m used to Winter rarely leaving without a fight- but I’m still so sorry!

It hasn’t been all bad, though. Where I live is typically postcard levels of lovely year-round, so the snow has made for some pretty serene photos when I’ve stopped to snap a few pics amid running errands, commuting to/from work and social gatherings, etc. And I certainly haven’t let it keep me from hitting my daily fitness goals- including plenty of cardio and getting steps in!

Earlier this week during my half day at my full-time job, I took the remainder of the afternoon to head to Williamstown in Western Massachusetts to hike the 3.3 mile “loop” known as Pine Cobble Trail. Coming off of yet another snowstorm that dropped a few inches of powder on Berkshire County, the trail was a bit slippery at times- but it offered resistance while I hiked through bare trees, across frozen streams and rock-lined hills that made my workout feel even more productive. My legs and thighs are still a bit sore!

Pine Cobble Trail eventually crosses paths with the Appalachian Trial (which was noted with white tree markers,) so being able to say “I hiked the Appalachian Trail,” even if it was only for a half mile or so- was a lot of fun.

I’d like to return to Pine Cobble Trail in the warmer months and after the trees and flowers have bloomed, because I know the view from the summit and along the hillsides are going to be even more spectacular when they aren’t hidden by snow and sleet. I’m definitely adding another trek to my “To Do” list this year!


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