OOTD: Pocket Full of Sunshine…

Although I have never denied that I like to shop- it is worth clarifying that I like to shop smart. I keep an attentive eye out for great deals, sales and bargains- especially with brands that can be on the pricier side 90% of the time. Whether it be for clothing, shoes, appliances, hotel stays or home décor- I’ve been able to snag some incredible finds over the years without breaking the bank.

Case in point- the recent “buy two/get two free” sale Victoria’s Secret was having on all of their in-store and online merchandise. I’ve been in need of some new bras for a while now, so I stocked up on a wide array of styles/prints during the sale, and only had to pay for a fraction of them! It’s not a bad deal, considering most VS bras can run you up to about $40-$50 a pop.

But that’s not all I picked up during their sale! Victoria’s Secret also had incredible deals on their swimwear, coverups and both athletic wear and every day apparel. Given that I’m heading to California in a few days for some sunny afternoons beach-and-pool-side- I figured I might as well get a few new things to pack in my suitcase for my trip- including this bright yellow/floral, bell-sleeved romper.

While this super soft, stretchy (and comfy!) romper is typically worn over a bathing suit/bikini, I didn’t see the harm in sporting a white tank top under it’s very low-cut front, throwing on some strappy sandals- and wearing it out and about during a recent pre-brunch venture to the Bridge of Flowers in Shelburne Falls. In fact, I matched the scenery and the long overdue sunshine quite well!

And Victoria’s Secret apparel, when cared for properly, can last a very long time- so I’m excited to get a full Spring/Summer’s worth of wear out of this piece! Festival Season is soon approaching, and this is going to be a good one to keep within reach when I’m making my way to the stages (or food vendors!)

[ Photos by Dan Little ]

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