My Winter Makeup Routine!

A new year, some frigid temperatures, and a whole bunch of beloved makeup. Yes, it’s that time of year again where I hit “pause” on trying to apply eyeshadow and drink hot chocolate at the same time (I’ve almost got it perfected, really!) to share the newest additions and finds that have made it into my both my cosmetics collection and my heart for the current season.

For Winter 2022/2023, I have been getting every day use out of both luxury and indie brands to create dewy, shimmery and occasionally bold looks that were not only perfect for more festive holiday occasions at the end of last year- but have also been quite flattering on normal workdays/weekends and less dressy snow days, too. Also? Everything is super quick and easy to apply- and we know how much I love a good timesaver in my regimen!

Some of the products in this collection may be recognizable since I’ve written about them in recent ‘Favorite Things’ posts throughout November and December- and given that I’m still using/wearing them regularly- you know they’re good!

I’ll have swatches at the end of the post for nearly everything mentioned- and I’m going to go ahead and link to past collections before I get started for anyone who may want to take a look!

2022: [ WINTER ] [ SPRING ] [ SUMMER ] [ FALL ]

2021: [ WINTER ] [ SPRING ] [ SUMMER ] [ FALL ]

2020: [ WINTER ] [ SPRING ] [ SUMMER ] [ FALL ]

And with that out of the way- let’s dive in!

Before I can focus on my eyes or my lips, I have to make sure my “canvas” (i.e.- the rest of my face) is looking fresh, hydrated and even-toned. I’m continuing to use my usual plumping primers and lightweight tinted moisturizers/CC creams, even in the Wintertime since I don’t want my foundation/base to look “caked on” when that heater-related dryness kicks in- but I’ve also been leaning into more cream-based formulations when it comes to my cheek color or highlighter.

This blush/highlighter duo from Natasha Denona has become my “can’t leave the house without it” compact. Not only is this super blendable combination lightweight and gentle on pores- but it has an absolutely breathtaking, prismatic finish. I literally look like I am glowing from within whenever I have this on- and I can’t imagine how I went so long in my life without having this within reach at all times. It is absolutely and 100% one of my favorite all-time products now (which is why I recently picked up a spare just in case!)


When I ran out of my Tarte ‘Shape Tape’ concealer at the beginning of the season and needed some quick, not-too-thick or goopy cover-up for some serious under-eye bags I was carrying after a long night out, I remembered I had this brightening concealer from LYS Beauty that I had been gifted in a holiday beauty pack. A couple of dabs and a few taps under my eyes later- and I was in love and looking alive again.

Made with clean ingredients and infused with Hyaluronic Acid, Ashwagandha and watermelon extract- this lightweight concealer visibly reduced puffiness, discoloration and smoothed out my eye area to give me a refreshed, but still natural, finish. It also stayed in place all day without creasing or caking up- which is the most important thing when you’re trying to look bright and vibrant! I adore this concealer and this brand!


And finally, what good is new and stunning makeup if you aren’t setting it properly? Not wanting to diffuse my shine but still wanting to control oil in problem areas- I turned to this loose blurring powder from REALHER to get my “set it and forget it” on when I was all done perfecting my face.

This finely milled powder can be used over makeup to control oil while keeping any foundations/creams in place, as well as over bare skin for a “softened” finish for the days you don’t want too much of anything on your skin (I’ve been there plenty of times!) It doesn’t pill up or get too powdery as the day wears in- and it doesn’t clog my pores- which is what I need the most when it comes to powders!


I had heard really good things about LAWLESS Beauty leading up to the holidays, from the quality of their single shadows to the results their plumping gloss had given friends and co-workers- so I decided to start small and give them a try when it came time to replace my mascara earlier this season. I picked up a tube of ‘One and Done’ to give myself some length and volume for my Winter-themed photos- and I have been consistently impressed with it with each and every use!

This formula makes my lashes look longer and thicker (but not in the bad, “stuck together” kind of way.) and it doesn’t budge- which means there’s no flaking or raccoon eyes at the end of the day- even when I’ve been out in the cold and my eyes are watering! This was worth the $25 investment!


I was so, so, SO excited to get into eyes with this post/collection round-up, because this shadow palette is one of my favorite discoveries, possibly ever- and is so extraordinarily beautiful- from it’s gorgeous packaging to the stunning assortment of mattes and metallics that go on buttery smooth and are so easy to blend.

Behold the Nude Prism palette from Lunar Beauty! When I first laid eyes on this, I thought maybe it’d be a great assortment of shades for the Spring, what with all the neutrals and light pinks- but then when I got into playing around with the different hues and combinations- I knew it was going to be my every day palette for the Winter given how I could go from a cozy, natural look to a smoldering, frosty Queen with the flick of a brush.

This is by far one of my favorite products in this season’s collection- and one I will absolutely be repurchasing it when I hit pan.


And finally, some of you may remember that I recently wrote about this limited edition red lipstick from GIVENCHY, which was part of their Holiday 2022 collection and which I received as a gift from Troy when I couldn’t find a convincing enough dupe at ULTA. Well, it’s still going strong! I wear this shade all the time since a good and solid red lip has been one of my signatures since my teens! It’s long-wearing, smudge-proof and conditioning to my lips so they’re always looking and feeling comfortable and never dried out.

I’m going to be so sad when it eventually runs out- although they have a ton of other reds to choose from when I feel like splurging on a new shade!



And there it is! Another makeup collection in the books so I can look back fondly when I want to repurchase some things for myself, or when I want to gift some quality products to my loved ones.

And, as promised- here are some swatches!

If you’ve got any questions about any of the products I’ve shown here, or any recommendations for brands/products I should check out (and maybe incorporate into my Spring routine in a couple of months!) feel free to drop me a line by reaching out or leaving a comment! I always appreciate suggestions!


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