My Fall Makeup Routine!

It has admittedly been difficult for me to get excited about makeup (which is usually one of my favorite things!) in 2020. Not just because of the overall life-altering trauma the COVID-19 pandemic has caused- but also because I’m wearing a mask 99.9% of the time. I mean, what’s the point of wearing makeup if most of my face is covered when I’m in public, anyway?

And while I kept things minimal and simple in the Spring and the Summer- with BB creams, subtle highlighters and a few colorful eyeliners/shadows to brighten things up here and there when I wanted to look refreshed and awake- I really wanted to get back into a beauty routine for the Fall. I think it helps boost my morale and improve my psyche to do something that feels “normal” again- but this is also the time of year where I’m frequently at horror conventions or doing horror-related podcasts/video calls leading up to Halloween.

Although a lot of those commitments have been put on hold or are being done in a different style/format to respect social distancing protocols- it’s still important to me to look my best- even if I’m just talking  way too enthusiastically about bad scary movies on a Zoom call.

As I transition out of my Summer makeup and start getting into darker, earthier tones and matte finishes for my eyes and lips- some things have carried over into this season, too- like my finishing powder, my NARS Paradise Found Bronzing Powder (it’s a huge compact- and will more than likely last through the Winter, too!) and my Milk Makeup KUSH High Volume Mascara. Those won’t be featured in this post- since I want to focus on the latest additions to my collection!

But if you’re curious about my past routines and products from this year, I’ll link them!


So without further delay, here’s what I’ve been wearing so far this season!

Swatches will be at the end of the post.

Cover FX Power Play Foundation: In the Fall and Winter, I tend to need a little more coverage with my base/foundation- and I feel like a matte finish looks better on my skin than a dewy one this time of year since my skin tends to get more oily in the colder temperatures (as a means to keep itself from drying out in the frigid New England weather, I think!) But, I also don’t want to wear anything that is going to clog my pores or look caked on, either.

So when I gradually shifted into using this lightweight, long-lasting vegan formula from Cover FX earlier this season that not only gave me great coverage but made my skin *feel* better, too- I knew it was the one. With a matte finish that matches my complexion perfectly- this is going to be my go-to until the Spring shows itself again!


Aesthetica “Be Natural” Eyeshadow Palette: While I was all about the aquas, greens, blues and pinks in the Summer- Fall has me feeling more neutral and smoky- gravitating towards greys, golds and browns to match the foliage and the weather. I have been absolutely loving this palette by Aesthetica in recent weeks- which features a collection of nine buttery smooth metallics and matte shades that are easy to blend and really make my eyes pop- especially since they’re the only things people can really see when I’m wearing a mask!

And on days when I just want to look a little more “alert” during video conferences- there’s an array of highlighting shades I can gently tap on my lids and below my brow to instantly brighten my face up. It’s a quick solution when I’m in a pinch!


Ciaté London Liquid Velvet Nude Gloss: These two glosses recently made my “Favorites” list for September– and for good reason! The super soft, highly pigmented formula lasts for hours while giving my lips a plumped, smooth matte finish that is perfect for Autumn.

The glosses don’t dry out, crease, or flake off- so having to do the frequent subtle mirror checks or quick reapplications aren’t needed- which is perfect when my days of working at home get busy!



As promised, here’s the swatches of what’s shown above! Please keep in mind I am a very, very pale person.

And that’s my Fall 2020 makeup collection- small but effective- and helping me feel pretty again during my favorite season of them all (even if this year’s is also the strangest I’ve ever experienced.)

You can catch some of my looks over on my INSTAGRAM– where I’ll be showing off some of the shades in a few upcoming selfies while I’m out and about- or just hanging around my apartment.

I’ll have another installment of new products/colors in the Winter, of course- but for now I’m loving my current routine!


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