A Few of My Favorite Things: September 2020

I’m sure when people who have known me for a while and/or know me well think of my favorite things for the month of September every year- Pumpkin Spice Lattes and chunky scarves come to mind almost immediately- and they’re not wrong.

But September 2020 had so much more than that. Like most of this year thus far, September was spent social distancing, upgrading my wardrobe to coincide with the seasonal change here in New England and taking this pandemic day by day while doing my best to stay healthy and optimistic.

And while I love all things apple and pumpkin and flannel- this month saw me leaning into a new color scheme with my clothing/accessories, makeup and nails, binge-watching new movies- and obsessing over new music, too.

Anyone who reads “Coffee & Chiffon” regularly knows the drill by now- I post the photos first and get into the miscellaneous things afterwards. So, without delaying the details further- let’s get into my favorite things from September 2020!

I’m sure in past “Favorites” posts I’ve talked about my love of Bath & Body Works candles. While they may not last as long as other brands- they’re the most affordable AND smell the strongest- so you get a lot of power with each lighting. And with a wide variety of scents in single-wick and three-wick jars- there’s something for everybody in their assortment.

Earlier this month, B&BW had a BOGO sale with their candles- including their Fall-inspired scents (which are my favorite, hands down.) I made sure to stock up- especially on my two “must haves” around this time each year- Pumpkin Pecan Waffles and Pumpkin Spice Latte. To say these two smell delicious is an understatement- and my apartment presently smells like a café filled with fresh coffee and baked goods.

It’s heavenly every time I walk through my door.

And in keeping up with the pumpkin spice tradition now that we’ve passed the Autumn Equinox and the days are officially getting shorter- I wanted to focus on my lip care a little more this month since my pout tends to get a bit dry/flaky when the temperatures start to drop. This lip scrub/balm duo from NCLA Beauty– in the most delicious and seasonal of flavors- has been a life saver.

The two-part system should be self-explanatory. You rub a little of the scrub on your lips to gently buff away dead skin/cells and then tap on some of the balm to condition/moisturize. My lips have been looking plumper and feeling so much softer in recent weeks- but it is admittedly very, very hard not to just lick this stuff off immediately. It tastes SO good.

While I sometimes get a little experimental with colors/prints in the Fall (the most daring season for fashion, after all-) this year I opted to stick to more safe, neutral tones that were complimentary when combined/layered. Whether this is an unexpected byproduct of the pandemic, I’m not sure- but I suspect this Fall is going to be a more laid-back, casual season without the tailgating parties and Halloween gatherings- and I feel like my style should reflect that.

I’ve also kept it neutral- but beautiful- with my choice of nail polish. This season I turned to Olive & June (one of my favorite companies!) to get my manicure looking Autumnal without harmful chemicals. The two shades I’ve been alternating between in recent weeks are WKF- a lovely olive green, and JJ- a cinnamon spice-inspired hue.

They’re easy to apply, quick-drying- and long-lasting. And they match everything in my closet right now.

And finally, even though not too many people see my lips these days- what with mask mandates and what have you- I still feel a little naked if I don’t at least have *some* color on my lips before I step out. It just gives me a little boost of confidence- even if the rest of me is looking like a straight-up quarantine nightmare.

I’ve started to lean back into matte finishes for the Fall/Winter and these two Liquid Velvet Nude glosses by Ciaté London are perfect. The glosses are buttery soft, but they don’t smudge or transfer onto anything- including face masks- so I’ve been able to sport these during trips to get coffee, walks around the neighborhood or just in the comfort of my apartment without having to worry about looking like a deranged clown when I take my mask off.

The shades above- perfect for September- are “Delight,” a barely there nude and “Oh Honey!” a rust/brown for when I’m feeling a little more dramatic.

And that just about does it for the favorites that aren’t camera shy-but as always- there’s a few more things to talk about!

– Movies/Music/Television –

“The Devil All The Time” – I had first seen the advertisement for this dark thriller from Netflix while I was in California in early August. With an impressive and star-studded cast (Robert Pattinson! Tom Holland! Sebastian Stan! Riley Keough!), this film- based on the novel of the same name- follows multi-generations and details the crossing paths of residents in Knockemstiff, Ohio in the 1950s and 1960s- many of whom have dark and sordid pasts.

The movie is twisted and tense for sure- from beginning to end- but I absolutely loved it and couldn’t look away. It’s the type of horror, with plenty of violence and creepiness at times- that didn’t have to rely on gore or jump scares to get you on the edge of your seat. It’s perfect for a night in with Halloween approaching.

“Challenger: The Final Flight” – I was only a few days old when the Challenger disaster occurred- so I don’t remember anything at all about it the way my parents and older brothers did. It was referenced heavily in history books and revisited at length when the Columbia tragedy took place while I was in high school- so to be able to watch an in-depth documentary that outlined the events leading up to and following that fateful morning of January 28, 1986- was fascinating.

This docu-series was gut-wrenching and infuriating at times- from learning more about the doomed crew to finding out about NASA’s negligence and attempts to cover-up their errors.  This is a must-watch whether you remember the tragedy or not.

Fleet Foxes: “Shore” – In times of uncertainty and “new normals”- getting into the Fall spirit may have been an intimidating thing to think about. But then Fleet Foxes said “hey, we got you-” and dropped a new album that is perfect for rainy, Autumn days where you’re curled up drinking hot coffee/cocoa- or heading out to peep the foliage. I’ve been listening to “Shore” continuously since it’s release on 9/22- and I’m in love with it. Although it’s hard to pin down a favorite track, as I’m writing this I’ve been feeling “For A Week Or Two” a lot.

Sufjan Stevens: “The Ascension” – Speaking of perfect Fall albums to zone out to, Sufjan Stevens also came to the rescue with his 9/25 release, “The Ascension.” To me, this is more of a nighttime, relaxing into the bed kind of album (with the exception of “Lamentations” and “Ativan” maybe)– but I’m loving it. “Tell Me You Love Me” is definitely my favorite track so far- but it changes daily.

And there you have it- my favorites for September 2020! A lot of neutrals, a lot of mattes- and a lot of pumpkin- as to be expected from yours truly.

I’ll be giving this month a proper sendoff in a couple of days as I look back and reflect on the past few weeks- but I’m looking forward to seeing what makes the “Favorites” list in my most beloved month of them all- October!


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