A Month to Remember: September 2020

“Autumn shows us how beautiful it is to let things go.”

That’s a quote I’ve been thinking about quite often throughout this past month- although I honestly have no idea who originally said it and Google has provided little to no help whatsoever with my attempts to track down the author. I’ve found that when I try to see who was behind any random inspirational quote/thought I’ve come across over the years- nearly all of them are linked to either Marilyn Monroe or Maya Angelou- regardless of how historically inaccurate it is.

I digress. I’ve gone on and on about all the things I love about Fall in New England before: the weather, the foliage, the fashion, the food and football (a lot of Fs in that list) and September kicks it all off for 30 days of cooler, breezy bliss.

But maybe one of the more personal things I cherish about Autumn and something I don’t mention all that often is that when I’m putting up my pumpkin dΓ©cor and/or unpacking all my sweaters- it often feels like I’m getting ready for a fresh start, too. It’s hard to explain and it might sound silly- but Fall just feels like the ultimate refresher to me and, given the difficult Summer I had in a year that has already proven itself to be one of the roughest imaginable for many, many people around the world- it’s a cosmic/spiritual cleanse that is definitely needed right now.

Where my Summer was filled with building tensions, tempers flaring, mental health setbacks and the eventual dissolution of a longtime friendship/relationship that had turned toxic as a result of trauma and abusive behavior- leaving me feeling exhausted, depressed and both physically and emotionally drained- September arrived and with it came a semblance of peace, clarity and a renewed sense of self and purpose.

As I immersed myself in some of my favorite seasonal activities, like apple picking, swinging by a local farm to find the perfect pumpkin, visiting one of my most beloved garden centers and decorating my apartment– I began feeling happy and energized again. Despite the masks and social distancing- I was having fun and doing Autumnal things I enjoyed without judgment or criticism the way I’d faced in recent years.

And I did quite a bit of traveling around New England this month, as well. From a friend’s backyard wedding in New Hampshire, hiking near my hometown, visiting an otherworldly spot in the Berkshires and paying my respects to a “Vampire” in Rhode Island– I was all over the place and loving it.

So what do I have planned for October- my favorite month of all? Well, I’m going to be sharing some more creepy and bizarre locations around New England to get into the “Spooky Season” spirit, sharing recipes and outfits (as I normally do!) before I head back out to the West Coast at the end of the month for Kelsey’s memorial service in Nevada and to bring her kids some candy for Halloween. It’s only been a few weeks since I last saw them- but I’ve missed them so much!

So here’s to September- a month that was considerably more gentle than the ones that have come before it this year- and here’s hoping October is even kinder to us.


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Hi! I'm Ashley. I'm a blogger and a radio personality with a makeup and shoe addiction based out of Boston and the Pioneer Valley. These are my (mis)adventures.

2 thoughts on “A Month to Remember: September 2020

  1. I definitely hear you on the “fresh start” part. I think it’s because September was usually when the new school year starts up. That “fresh start” feeling is still lodged in my brain from being a kid/teenager.

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    1. I think that’s my thing, too! I remember having to “re-focus” every September when it was time to go back to school so I’d start the year off right and it’s just been a habit of mine ever since.


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