Local Loves: Red Apple Farm

Out of all the local places I typically visit every September/October- Red Apple Farm in Phillipston is the one I discovered only fairly recently- with my first trip there taking place last Fall when I went to a Harvest Festival with a couple of my friends who were out my way for an extended weekend. It didn’t take long at all for me to be completely wowed- not only by the size of the farm itself- but by how much different stuff they had to do there, too. Apple picking? Pumpkin patches? Sprawling sunflower fields? Baby animals? A general store AND a bar in a barn? All within a few minutes’ walk from each other? I’m so in.

Ever since my first visit, I’ve made it a point to make seasonal trips to Red Apple Farm- who are open year-round and host a a variety of events and festivals- to pick up different fruits/vegetables, snacks, flowers, décor for my apartment (and for my mom, too- who loves decorating almost as much as I do-) and inwardly squeal at the ponies, piglets and goats they have walking around.

This past weekend, I made my annual Autumnal visit to grab some hard cider, their freshly made and all-natural peanut butter- and some cinnamon apple pie fudge for my mom since I was visiting for our bi-weekly pandemic get together. Although the bulk of the farm’s attractions are outdoors right now- masks are still required and social distancing in encouraged- with a limited number of people allowed in the store/bar at any given time.

It was a beautiful, breezy day- so I didn’t mind being outdoors at all. This is my favorite type of weather and I wish it could stay like this year-round!

I love visiting Red Apple Farm around the holidays, too- since they always have the place decorated so beautifully- but I don’t want to rush into a Christmas state of mind just yet, of course. I have to keep the festive spirit more Halloween-oriented these days, after all.

If you and your family are looking for a lovely and spacious place to have some much-needed time outdoors while the weather is still gorgeous and participate in some fun and safe Fall-centric activities- I cannot recommend Red Apple Farm enough. I can spend hours there (and usually do whenever I stop by.)

And if you don’t have an allergy- definitely pick up some of their peanut butter. It’s the best by far.


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