Local Loves: Brookfield Orchards

There are a lot of year-round farm stands and orchards around New England- and having been born and raised here- I know which ones are my favorites and which I typically try to avoid, be it because they’re always too crowded (a legitimate concern these days!) or because their products and produce aren’t as good as other locations. And although I always love finding new places to check out when I travel around the Northeast- I have my “must visit” spots every year- especially in the Fall.

So when it comes to my Labor Day tradition of apple picking- I always make it a point to swing by Brookfield Orchards. The orchard is large and well-maintained, their selection of apples is great- and their general store has a wide variety of locally sourced foods/goods. You can also watch the apples being freshly made into different things right there- from cider, dumplings and doughnuts- all while you shop.

I swung by the orchard earlier this week to stock up on some of my favorite seasonal snacks and pick some apples to use in a couple of dessert recipes I have planned in the coming days (also- apples are just delicious on their own.)

When I was done shopping and browsing antiques, I made sure to grab some mulled cider and some kettle corn at the orchard’s snack bar- conveniently located just outside the general store where social distancing was made very easy. It should be noted that Brookfield Orchards’ mulled apple cider cannot be beat. It’s my absolute favorite!

I’m planning a visit to my preferred pumpkin patch and garden center in Wayland, Massachusetts in the coming days once they’ve fully opened up for the season- but if you’re looking for apples to tide you over- Brookfield is the place to go!


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