My Winter Makeup Routine!

While I am a lover of all things makeup and am not one to turn my nose up at any particular brand, palette, limited edition release, etc., I also believe that you shouldn’t have to go broke to look good- especially around the holidays where many of us are already stretching ourselves thin enough as it is for our loved ones, co-workers, so on and so forth.

While I like to splurge and spoil myself with all sorts of fun and experimental skin care and cosmetics in the Spring and Summer- Winter is when I stick to more budget-friendly alternatives to get the look I want so that I can still have the extra cash around when it comes time to buy presents or make snowy weather travel plans/accommodations.

I’ve put together the things I’ve been wearing throughout this Winter so far- which will undoubtedly carry me into the Spring- if it ever gets here!

e.l.f. Cosmetics’ Flawless Finish Foundation: Lightweight, oil and fragrance-free, and with medium coverage and a semi-matte finish- this inexpensive and long-lasting foundation blends easily and stays in place without clogging my pores or accentuating any fine lines or imperfections.

This is a really great foundation for the Winter- since it both evens out my complexion and brightens my skin during a time of year when I can feel a little dehydrated and dull- and the formula’s finish isn’t *too* matte- so I don’t have to worry about looking patchy or chalky when my skin gets a bit dry out in the cold weather.


Maybelline Instant Age Rewind Eraser Treatment Concealer: This has actually been my year-round, go-to concealer for a few years now because it’s hands down the most effective for covering dark circles, smoothing my eye area, and hiding any imperfections/blemishes- all with just a couple of swipes or taps with my fingertips. I use it as a primer for my eye shadow, too- and it always holds everything in place.

And, like my foundation- this concealer goes for hours and hours without the need for a touch-up.

Even on early mornings where I am absolutely exhausted- or after a long day of staring at a screen at work- this concealer keeps me looking awake, alert and refreshed.


Physicians Formula Mineral Wear Talc-Free Mineral Airbrushing Pressed Powder (with SPF 30): To make sure my foundation stays put, reduce shine in my T-Zone and give myself some much-needed sun protection (yes, even in a New England Winter!)– I like the feel of this super light transparent pressed mineral powder. It goes on smooth and doesn’t sink or settle into any fine lines around my face- and it also doesn’t clump or get caked up in more oily areas throughout the day.

And unlike some other pressed setting powders- this one does a remarkable job of not changing tones or getting discolored. It’s truly a transparent, perfecting powder.


Tarte Cosmetics PRO Glow-To-Go Highlight Contour Palette: I’ve been avoiding rosy hues this Winter- opting for a more subtle, natural, “lit from within” type of glow on my cheeks and with my contouring, instead. This pocket-sized palette has been a lifesaver this Winter- since it offers three flattering, easy to blend shades (a pearl, a golden hue, and a cocoa-colored matte.)

I typically only use the pearl and golden shades depending on my overall look for the day- but a little goes a long way and I have gotten a lot of usage out of this palette over the past few months!

Also- this shades smell like chocolate- which is a nice surprise every time I go to apply some in the mornings!


Physicians Formula Shimmer Strips Custom Eye Enhancing Extreme Shimmer Shadow & Liner: I wanted more sparkle around my eyes for the holidays and throughout the Winter- and I happened to stumble upon this versatile and oh-so-pretty palette at my local drug store at the beginning of the season.

With shades spanning across smoky silvers, glittery golds, and highlighters in peach, pink and pearl- I have been able to create so many beautiful looks with this palette (priced at $12) over these past few weeks. The colors are definitely sparkly, decently pigmented- but easy to blend and get creative with!


Doll Face Fast Faux Extreme Volume Mascara: When I ran out of my usual Dior mascara and needed a quick replacement on a budget and a time constraint- I turned to the pretty packing of Doll Face Cosmetics to help me out and found a phenomenal alternative!

This light-weight, clump-proof mascara is only $10- but every application makes me lashes look thicker, longer, and adds a bit of curl to them for that “false lashes without the messy glue” look I enjoy so much. And, for easy application- the cone-shaped brush guarantees that even those tricky lashes near the inner corners of the eye will get a coating as well.


Doll Face Mirror MIrror Metallic Lipstick in “Wicked:” For my every day, at the office lip look- I have fallen head over heels with this soft, metallic-rose lipstick from Doll Face. It conditions my lips, gives them a beautiful pop of neutral color with a dazzling sheen finish- and lasts a long time so frequent reapplications are a thing of the past!

I have this in my purse at all times for little touch-ups after coffee, or lunch, or a post-workday glass of wine when I want to stay looking put together while I’m out and about during the day/early evenings.


Doll Face Matte-nificent Matte Metallic Liquid Lip Color in “Far Out:” Of course, when I need to go a bit more bold and dramatic (while still holding onto a metallic finish- which I love so much!) I opt for a long-lasting matte gloss instead of lipstick.

This deep red/golden tone is so pretty and so flattering. I never have to worry about it flaking/drying out my lips or making the rest of my face appear overtly washed out. It’s the perfect post-holiday shade to carry me through the frigid Winter nights out on the town.


Floss Beauty Lip Gloss in “YUL:”: And finally, a clear/baby pink tinted gloss when I am just in need of some hydration on my lips without sparkles or a ton of pigmentation- and when even chap stick or lip balm is too drying in the frigid outdoor air or overly heated interiors of places like my office or local restaurants/shops/etc. who have their thermostats cranked up.

This non-sticky, non-drying basic gloss is a life saver- giving some mild accentuation to my natural lip color and subtlety perfecting my pout.

And it smells like candy- which is a added bonus!



And of course I took some swatches, as well! Have a look!

This entire Winter assortment of cruelty-free, pharmacy brand makeup was approximately $100 for everything shown- which isn’t bad at all when you consider just how expensive some foundations or eye shadows can be at boutique stores!

I’m sure I’ll want to hit up Sephora or Ulta again when it comes time to replenish my skin care and stock up on makeup for the Spring- but right now I’m just enjoying and getting the most out of what I have right here, first!


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