My Spring Makeup Routine!

As much as I love (and rock) a good neutral, smoky eye or a deep and dark matte lip in the colder months- I’ve been having a lot of fun getting bright and experimental with my Spring and Summer makeup collections in recent years- especially in the past year since this pandemic started. With masks hiding 75% of our faces these days- I’ve decided on creating fun eye looks on the occasions where I’m out and about to at least make things a little more interesting for the time being. Glittery shadows. Neon eyeliners. Big, false eyelashes? I’m all about it.

And now, with more and more vaccinations being rolled out and all of us inching our way back to some normalcy little by little- pretty soon we may be able to show our full faces again. It’s going to be so nice to see smiles and to be able to wear lipstick without getting it all over the inside of my mask. It feels like forever since I’ve been able to do that.

I digress- my Spring 2021 makeup collection is very much a fun, brightly-colored assortment of shadows, liners and lip shades (for those Zoom meetings, of course!) to get me out of my cold, snowy state of mind and into a sunnier, warmer weather mood.

That’s not to say I’m not still using things from my Winter 2021 Collection. I’m still very much addicted to my foundation, my cream blush- and my mascara- but it’s nice to incorporate new products into the mix as the season changes.

So for this installment, I’m going to talk about what’s new- including a palette that pretty much called out to me by name when I saw it for the first time.

And if you’d like to see past installments of my makeup routines/collections- I’ll link them here!





So let’s take a look at what I’m loving/using religiously this season (swatches will be a little further down the post!)

Urban Decay “Naked: Wild West” Eyeshadow Palette: When it was announced earlier this year that Urban Decay would be releasing a desert-inspired “Naked” palette- I’m pretty sure they could have heard my scream of excitement in the farthest corners of the galaxy. One of my favorite makeup brands creating shades based one of my favorite regions in the country? I was all in- and got my hands on this one as soon as I could.

Like every “Naked” palette before it- the Wild West edition comes with a great mix of buttery soft shadows in both shimmer and matte finishes that range from barely-there sandy and grey tones, to sun-kissed golds and reddish-browns, to bright and sparkling turquoise. They’re easy to blend and long-lasting (of course!) and absolutely remind me of being out in Nevada and soaking up the sun from the outskirts of Vegas.

I will go on record to say that this is probably my favorite “Naked” palette of them all- and I’ve tried pretty much every one of them!


Sephora’s Retractable Waterproof Eyeliner in Electric Blue: For my overall makeup collection this season, I wanted to do something a little different and move away from the soft pinks/purples and pastels I typically lean towards this time of year and go for brighter, bolder shades to welcome in the longer days and warmer temperatures.

For my eyeliner- I opted for a bright cobalt blue to pair with my “Wild West” palette- and this long-lasting, super smooth waterproof liner from Sephora works perfectly! With a built-in sharpener and blender, I never have to worry about botched applications when I’m on the go. A couple of swipes along my lids and I have a smudge-proof pop of color that lasts all day.

And despite having blue eyes- this liner is gorgeous- especially with some gold shadow to back it up.


COVERGIRL Colorlicious Cream Lipstick in “Bombshell Pink”: In keeping up with the bright, daring theme of this season’s makeup collection- I also wanted to go bold with my lipsticks and glosses. First, there’s this highly pigmented, cream-finish and super moisturizing COVERGIRL lipstick in the most flashy hot pink imaginable.

Infused with shea butter, this is a lipstick that actually feels good to wear- and with a $8 price tag- I don’t have to feel guilty about wearing this all the time and having to replenish it fairly often.

Out of my two lip color selections this season, I’d say this is the one that everyone on Zoom asks about the most!


Rare Beauty Lip Soufflé Matte Lip Cream in “Inspire”: I wanted a red to go with my pink, and given how much I’ve been enjoying my cream blush from Rare Beauty- I turned to them for a lightweight and hydrating lip color, as well. The texture of this velvet-finish lipstick is fluffy- like whipped frosting when you first apply it- but it dries quickly without discomfort and lasts for hours without flaking, smudging or fading.

The red is bright- like strawberries- making it perfect for the Spring and then the gradual transition into Summer. I’ve been wearing this one a lot lately- in video calls, for selfies on social media- or just when I want a pop of color and to feel pretty around my apartment.



As always, I have some swatches for those who want to see the different colors and how they look outside of their packaging. Please bear in mind I’m very pale- so things will obviously look a little different on other skin tones and complexions!

And that just about does it for my Spring 2021 makeup collection! I’m sure that by the Summer, I’ll be looking for more weightless, quick-and-easy products that I can wear at the beach or out in the desert again- but for now I’m absolutely loving these shades and finishes for one of the prettiest seasons around.

Next month I’ll be diving into my Spring skincare and hair care regimen- which focuses less on maximum hydration (it’s not as cold and dry here in the warmer months) and more on exfoliation, repairing any damage from the Winter- and protecting blonde curls now that they’ll be exposed to the sun more often!

And of course, if you want to share your own Spring makeup products/looks- feel free to drop me a line! I’m always on the prowl for good products and brands that work!


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