My Summer Makeup Routine!

It’s about that time during what has been a beautiful and busy Summer so far to talk about my current cosmetics collection that I’ve been reaching for during the hottest and most humid months here in New England.

With all the travel and plans I’ve had these past few weeks- and also have lined up for the foreseeable future leading into the Fall- I wanted this season’s assortment of products to be easy to use, easy to transport and lightweight since I’ve taken a more minimalist and done-in-a-flash approach to my every day look for Summer 2022.

A lot of the sun and sweat-proof products from my Spring 2022 Collection have carried over into the Summertime, as well- namely my Fenty foundation, blush and NYX finishing powder- so I’ve just added a few new items to mix things up this season. Those new additions are the products I’ll be highlighting here!

And if you’re curious about any of my past collections- I’ll link them here for easy access.

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2021: [ FALL ] [ SUMMER ] [ SPRING ] [ WINTER ]

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As always- I’ll have swatches of the products at the end of the post- so let’s take a look!

On days when I’m in a rush and just want a pop of shimmer along my cheekbones and/or my eyelids so I look a little more awake and refreshed, I love this creamy and super blend-able highlighter duo from Lord & Berry. It includes their Luminizer Highlighter Stick and Strobing Highlighter Pencil- both of which give me a beautiful, long-lasting and natural “lit from within” glow that stays in place for hours- even in the hottest temperatures or humid conditions!


For my eyes this season, I’ve been sticking with nude bases/shadows and swipes of shimmery golds, neon hues or gem-tones on my lids. I’ve turned to a handful of smooth, pigmented eyeliners to help me achieve Summery, tropical looks that make my eyes pop and don’t budge while I’m at the office, at the beach, grabbing a lobster roll, etc.

Two of my liners are from Love + Craft Beauty. There’s ‘Soil’, a gorgeous metallic brown- and ‘Radical’, a highlighter-yellow/green. Both formulas are gel pencil, meaning they apply easy and evenly without painful scratching or tugging.


The third liner, from Tanaïs– is called ‘Bengal Bon’ and it’s a striking forest green. I especially love the texture and pigmentation of this liner- which is usually my go-to for nighttime plans. It’s perfect for a Summertime smoky eye- and I have a feeling I’ll be wearing it throughout the Fall, as well!


And finally, the lips. Although I’ve been predominantly sticking to oils, balms and glosses this Summer- every once in a while I like a pop of bold and long-lasting color. For those occasions, I turn to ‘Saucy’- a feathery light and deeply hydrating pink/red lip stain from FLOWER Beauty.

Vegan and cruelty-free- I love the staying power and how pretty this color looks once the stain dries (and it sets quickly!) It compliments a lot of my Summer wardrobe given how bright it is- and it doesn’t dry my lips out regardless of how long I keep it on!



I’m loving my little collection this Summer! I’s just a few quick and easy products to get me through my second-favorite season- and I’ve been able to create so many cool looks with them these past few weeks!

And, as promised- here are some swatches!

I usually do a major rotation/overhaul and update of all of my products in the Fall and Spring- so I’m looking forward to seeing what gets added into my collection the next time I check in!

And if you’d like to share any of your Summer 2022 makeup collection- feel free to drop me a line!


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