My Winter Makeup Routine!

Many, many years ago (and it feels like a lifetime, really!) long before I finished college and started working my way through various firms and office gigs to get where I am now- I worked a couple of part-time jobs- including waitressing, doing lights at a comedy club and spending plenty of nights and weekends behind a cosmetic counter at a department store. It was at this job that I first got into proper skin care and makeup applications, although I was always the one who got a little experimental with bold colors and a lot of sparkle.

The cosmetics job also allowed me to play around and experiment with a variety of different brands and products- some luxury and “designer,” and others more wallet-friendly and accessible- which is why my seasonal makeup collections are, in my opinion, a nice balance of the two.

For my Winter makeup collection, I only picked up a couple of new additions since so much of my FALL ROUTINE has carried over into these colder, snowier months- like my foundation, concealer, finishing powder, etc. But, for the Winter- I wanted to pick up some softer, more pink/purple shades for my eyes, cheeks and lips. Maybe a part of me is trying to manifest Spring? Who knows!

Although this season’s assortment is smaller than Fall was- it includes some budget beauty and some more lavish, pricier splurges, as well- including a long overdue return to Chanel products!

Swatches will follow- but let’s take a look! And if you’d like to check out some past collections, I’ve linked them here!

2021: [ WINTER ] [ SPRING ] [ SUMMER ] [ FALL ]

2020: [ WINTER ] [ SPRING ] [ SUMMER ] [ FALL ]

Chanel LES 4 OMBRES Multi-Effect Quadra Eyeshadow in ‘TISSÉ CAMÉLIA’: Right out of the gate, I want to talk about the most expensive thing in my Winter collection. I’m a big fan of Chanel makeup (and their nail polish!) Their shadows are buttery smooth, long-lasting, and easy to blend. This quad includes semi-shimmery light pink and lavender shades, a darker purple for the crease- with a creamy white for highlighting.

This has been my everyday shadow look throughout the Winter (and will probably be the one I reach to throughout the Spring, as well!)– but I’m also in love with the packaging. Each sturdy quad comes in a little velvet pouch with Chanel’s iconic logo stitched into it for safe keeping. I just feel extravagant whenever I take the compact out for a mirror check.


Stila Cosmetics Glisten & Glow Liquid Eye Shadow in ‘Kitten Kaleidoscope’: Some days when I’m getting ready to go to work or out for an evening- I like to keep my makeup quick and simple. This fast-drying, super pigmented liquid shadow is my favorite for those very occasions! It gives my eyes a beautiful pop of sparkle without creasing or flaking as the day goes on. I often wear this on it’s own, but it can be used a base for other shadows or patted onto powder/cream shadows for some additional glisten and glitz.

This color in particular is a beautiful combination of champagne rose and pearl- so it goes perfectly with the softer, more pink/purple hues I’ve been craving this season!


Physician’s Formula Murumuru Butter Blush in ‘Vintage Rouge’: I wanted to lean back into subtle, naturally-flushed pink cheeks during the Winter- and this beautiful and buildable cream/powder hybrid blush from Physician’s Formula has quickly become my favorite. I’m pale- like, very pale- and this rose shade isn’t too pink against my complexion. It accentuates my cheeks, gives me a bit of a glow and makes it look like I’m not wearing any makeup at all after I apply it- which is always appreciated!

And it’s one of the more affordable items I scooped up for my Winter collection, which means it’s an automatic win.


Kylie Cosmetics Matte Lip Kit in ‘Koko K’: Say what you will about the Kardashians, but they know how to make a good lip liner and gloss set. I’ve never tried one of these kits before, but when it was recommended to me as a long-lasting, smoothing and flattering way to get a pretty matte effect for these months when I’m usually a little more dramatic with my lip looks, anyway- I caved and picked up this pretty rose shade to try out during the Winter.

As much as I love the gloss, I think it’s the liner that is the standout star of the duo for me. It applies so smoothly and makes it so easy to shape my lips without dry/flaking or crumbling mid-application.

I’m working my way up to trying the reds and berry tones, next!



And there you have it! My Winter 2021/2022 Makeup Collection! A couple of splurges, a couple of bargains- and a lot of beautiful shades and textures for everyday wear!

And, as always- I’ve got some swatches to share, too! Again, please bear in mind that I am ridiculously pale- so these shades may look a little different on other skin tones!

If you’d like to share your Winter makeup collection(s)– feel free to leave a comment or drop me a line! I’m always looking for recommendations on new brands and products to try out! Maybe some of the recommendations will make it into my Spring collection!


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