Local Loves: The 1761 Old Mill

I had mentioned in a recent post that this past weekend marked what I think was the last series of belated-Christmas/New Year’s get-togethers with family and friends that I had lined up for the foreseeable future (although my birthday is this weekend- so we’ll see!) There was so much good food, great company and gift exchanges- and it also saw me returning to one of my favorite and historical dining spots in Westminster, Massachusetts for the first time in what felt like ages!

After not seeing each other since around Halloween, my longtime friends Sean, Stef, Andy and I met up at the 1761 Old Mill Restaurant for our significantly delayed Friendsgiving/Friends-Mas/Friends’ Year’s Eve (thanks a lot, COVID.)

Formerly a saw mill passed down from generation to generation within the same local family through the 1800s, the building and the grounds were eventually transformed into a restaurant and popular event location in 1946. It’s remained a must-experience dining destination ever since- and seemed like the perfect “halfway point” between where my friends and I are all living to meet up, grab some food, finally get caught up with each other- and enjoy the charm and picturesque scenery in and around the dining areas and gift shop.

The food and seasonal cocktails were divine- from our corn fritter starters, the waffle fry nacho appetizer we all decided on, to the baked fish entrรฉe I selected and chocolate/coffee ice cream cake dessert the four of us split. I was so happy with how great everything tasted and how friendly and accommodating the staff were during our stay despite it being busy on account of the Patriots game that was getting started at the same time.

After dinner, despite the negative temperatures outside- the four of us stopped to feed the ducks and geese that were congregating by the water. There were SO many- and I wanted to take them all home with me and keep them by the time we were done.

I’m definitely going to be returning to the Old Mill at some point before the Winter is over- either with my mom or siblings or both. It’s such a unique and cozy place to hang out for a couple of hours and unwind!


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