My Fall Makeup Routine!

Justifying my splurging on brand new makeup simply because it’s Fall might not make sense to many people- but considering I went pretty minimal for the Summer since it seemed like a waste of perfectly good product and money to have expensive foundations/tinted moisturizers, bronzers or eye shadows slide right off of me in the scorching temperatures and humidity the second I stepped outside- I think I’ve earned a little shopping spree for my favorite season.

And now that it’s cool and crisp enough here in New England where I can experiment with different colors and textures as much as I want without the need for frequent reapplications or touch-ups throughout multiple heat waves- I thought I’d have a little fun with this season’s assortment of items and products. Metallic shadows, gemstone-colored eyeliners, super glossy neutral lips, and so much more- this Fall makeup collection might be one of my favorites I’ve ever put together so far!

And, honestly- the price of everything wasn’t that bad considering I leaned more towards some of my favorite and more affordable brands and budget beauty lifesavers (the holidays are coming, after all- and I want to go all out for gifts for my family and friends!)

So without further delay, this is my Fall 2021 Makeup Collection. Swatches will follow at the end of the post- and I’ve linked to past collections below!

2021: [ WINTER ] [ SPRING ] [ SUMMER ]

2020: [ WINTER ] [ SPRING ] [ SUMMER ] [ FALL ]

NYX The Marshmallow Primer: Although I love a good matte finish in the colder months and a nice dewy complexion during the Spring and Summer- I wanted to try something a little different this Fall and lean towards a more smooth and natural finish in terms of my foundation/base. In order to achieve that, I needed a primer that would blur any visible imperfections while simultaneously hydrating my skin and keeping my makeup in place without creasing, flaking or fading.

This super lightweight, quick-drying and non-sticky formula from NYX is my new go-to. It keeps my makeup looking fresh all day (and night) and makes my skin feel soft to the touch without clogging my pores or causing any kind of excess oil and buildup. Also? I love the mess-free packaging!


ColourPop Cosmetics Pretty Fresh Hydrating Foundation: I’ve finally found it! A medium-buildable coverage foundation with a natural finish, loaded with beneficial and skin-nurturing ingredients like hyaluronic acid and fruit extracts- and at a price point that doesn’t leave me crying at the checkout register.

This base from ColourPop matches my skin perfectly without changing colors after application or over time, and it doesn’t stealthily bring out any fine lines or pores as it settles into my skin. I didn’t think it was possible with a foundation, but my face actually feels better when I have it on!


ColourPop Cosmetics Pretty Fresh Creamy Concealer: Of course, I needed the concealer to match! Offering full coverage that is somehow and miraculously easy to blend- and dries to a natural finish like it’s foundation counterpart- this concealer (also packed with the good stuff, like hyaluronic acid-) banishes dark circles and fine lines without creasing or smudging as the day wears on.

I also use this to spot-cover those pesky post-PMS blemish flare-ups that happen from time to time- and it works great!


essence cosmetics Brighten Up! Banana Powder: To set my foundation/base without mattifying the natural finish I’m going for and without adding any additional coverage (and looking like my makeup is caked on with a spatula) by using a powder foundation over the liquid one- I have been loving this light and airy translucent powder from essence- which helps keep my makeup in place while brightening my complexion without adding unnecessary shine or bringing out any dry spots/pores as it sets into the skin.

And at $4.99 a compact- you cannot beat the price. It’s a steal!


essence cosmetics The Blush in “Befitting”: It’s that time of year again where I want just a little more color on my cheeks other than just a swipe of bronzer- and I always tend to gravitate towards more subtle, dusty rose shades to compliment my complexion. I am absolutely loving this silky, smooth, buildable pink- another essence product- which gives me such a great flush of color along the apples of my cheeks.

This is absolutely a blush I am more than likely going to be wearing into next Spring. It’s that pretty!


Milani Cosmetics Stellar Lights Highlighter Palette: And just because I’m going for a more natural look in terms of my foundation and blush- that doesn’t mean I don’t like a little shimmer here and there. This super pretty palette has three versatile shades to complete any look I’m going for this Fall- be it a flush of pink shimmer on my cheekbones, some bright golden highlight for my eyelids during nights out for Autumnal activities- or a iridescent pearl tone for those days where I just need to look a little more awake.

And the pigment on each of the shades is pretty powerrful- so a little goes a long way!


e.l.f. Cosmetics Radiant Finish Setting Spray: Finally, I’ve got to keep everything in place- again, without overly mattifying everything- and this quick-drying, natural/dewy finish spray is perfect at making sure my skin has a healthy glow throughout the day and at securing my foundation, highlighter, blush, etc. for hours and hours without fading or flaking.

It’s one of my absolute favorites- and a spray I’ve repurchased countless times!


essence Cosmetics Mini Shadow Palettes (in “Dancing Green” and “TAUPE It Up!”): For my eyes this season, I wanted to play around with more metallic finishes and earthy tones in the form of browns and greens, as well as some neutrals and silvers as we begin the gradual transition into the Winter and more festive, sparkly occasions. I also didn’t want to spend a fortune on multiple palettes to get the desired effect I was looking for. Luckily, essence came through with these compact and super convenient palettes- for just $3.99 each!- that feature a variety of metallic and matte shades.

I have been wearing these non-stop this season so far. They’re perfect! And I’m still using the brand’s Lash Princess False Lash Mascara!


L.A. Girl Cosmetics Shockwave Eyeliner (in “Dragon” and “Penny”): These super pigmented, super smooth and long-lasting liners are new finds for me- but have quickly become my favorite product for when I want a swipe of bold, beautiful color to make my eyes pop. “Dragon” is a deep, emerald green- which goes really, really nicely with my “Dancing Green” shadow- and “Penny” is a gorgeous rose gold hue that is great for every day wear!

I’m looking to get the rest of the colors in the collection to try out and play around with- that’s how much I’m into these!


NYX Butter Gloss (in “Fortune Cookie” and “Madeline”): I didn’t want to go super matte with my lips this season, so I picked up a couple of these longtime beloved, super shiny and non-sticky glosses from NYX to use as an every day look for work or when I’m out doing my usual Fall things. With a little lip liner, these glosses give me a perfect pout that lasts for hours.

“Fortune Cookie” is a barely there nude, that I use more for shine than anything else- while “Madeline” is a little darker and matches everything else I put on.


Too Faced Melted Matte Cinnamon Bun Liquid Lipstick: Okay, just kidding- I opted for a little matte this season. The Melted formulas always apply smooth and dry to a long-lasting, flake-free finish- and they plump my lips very subtly without making them look too over-the-top- but this version also has the added benefit of smelling like a freshly baked cinnamon bun!

This is more of a “nighttime” shade on me, since it’s a little darker against my complexion- and it’s one of the more expensive splurge items in my collection- but I’m absolutely obsessed.


essence Cosmetics Long Lasting Lipstick (in “Legendary” and “Passionate”): Finally, I needed to replenish some of my lipsticks for the season- and I opted for a beautiful everyday nude (“Legendary”) and a bold, bright, take-the-city-by-storm red (“Passionate”). Both formulas are matte finish, long-lasting, and super soft looking once applied.

I’ll have swatches below!



And that just about does it for my Fall 2021 makeup collection! A whole bunch of new products and finds to give me my best face ever. I’m so excited to keep playing around with all of this newly added makeup, and I know it’ll get plenty of use in the Winter, too!

And for anyone looking to see swatches, here you go! Just keep in mind I am very, very, oh so very pale!

If you’d like to share your Fall makeup collection, ask any questions about mine or offer some recommendations/product reviews- feel free to leave a comment or drop me a line sometime!


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