Local Loves: Hebert’s Candy Mansion

With Halloween approaching, and the need to stock up on candy for myself (and the Trick-Or-Treaters too, I guess? Mostly me, though!) I recently stopped by a famous New England landmark that I don’t think I’ve visited since I was a kid- a candy store that has been going strong since 1946. If you grew up in Central Massachusetts like myself- then there’s a pretty good chance you participated in school fundraisers where you sold their chocolate bars in bulk to your family and neighbors.

Hebert’s Candies was actually founded in 1917, but their Tudor-style stone mansion in Shrewsbury, Massachusetts- which serves as their only retail store and manufacturing facility- wasn’t unveiled until quite some time later. Open year-round and always decorated to perfection depending on the holiday or time of year, Hebert’s “Candy Mansion” offers their extensive line of chocolates and gummies, gifts, and ice cream. You can enjoy taste testing their creations while looking in at their factory (from behind glass) to see exactly how everything is made.

The mansion occasionally hosts special events on the premises, as well- although COVID has significantly reduced those in the past year and a half. I remember they had turned the mansion into a walk-through haunted house one year when I was a kid- and it was spectacular– and I really hope they get to do things like that again soon!

While I was there, I snapped some photos and stocked up on their “BOO! Bars” to pass out on Halloween (regular milk chocolate bars with fun and spooky packaging)– as well as their specialty candy bars with flavors like s’mores, mint, coconut crunch, peanut butter, etc.

It was really, really fun going back to the mansion- especially since it’s been such a long time since I’ve stepped foot in the place and it is remarkably unchanged from what I remember. If you find yourself on Route 20 heading into/out of or through Shrewsbury- this is a must-visit for all ages. The mansion is historic and very, very cool- and of course the candy is delicious!


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