A Month to Remember: June 2022

My goodness! We’ve made it to the end of another month and are *officially* into the Summertime! After what was an exceptionally busy May and an equally busy June- I’m looking forward to some downtime and a few more laid-back beach days and BBQs in July! I’m ready to work on my tan and get some salt water in my hair.

But before I jump into the upcoming month ahead and some of the plans I have lined up- I want to tip my over-sized straw hat and my sunglasses to June of 2022- a month that was filled with celebrations, milestones and one of the most fun ventures to the West Coast I’ve ever made! All in-between sharing Summer-inspired recipes and peeks into my warmer weather wardrobe, of course!

I kicked off June by sharing the highlights from Boston Calling, a trip to Saratoga and my friend Sean’s college graduation- right before I had the privilege of being my cousin’s Maid of Honor in what was one of the most beautiful and fun-filled wedding weekends I’ve ever experienced.

When I wasn’t getting soft serve or smoothies a couple of towns away from my apartment, I was sharing some of my favorite Summer playlists and an updated look at the contents of my carry-on

… That was, of course- leading up to a week-long adventure in California! I visited so many cool spots- Santa Monica! Beverly Hills! Hiking mountains and riding rollercoasters at Disneyland! It was such an amazing trip that I’m still buzzing from it- and I’ve been home for a week!

And now that I’m back in New England and getting into the grind at work again- I’m looking forward to some more local Summertime festivities with my friends and family. I’ve got more trips to the ocean planned, a clambake I’m super excited to take photos of, a few fireworks displays that I’m sure will be out of this world- and a possible trip to NYC (schedule permitting, of course.)

And I’ll have my usual assortment of food and fashion posts, too!

So here’s to June- a month for the record books, for sure! I’m so grateful and so content- and I’m excited for the rest of Summer!


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Hi! I'm Ashley. I'm a blogger and a radio personality with a makeup and shoe addiction based out of Boston and the Pioneer Valley. These are my (mis)adventures.

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