OOTD: Tacos and Tides

Well hello there, July! While I’m finishing up things at work today and gearing up for a long weekend (90% of which will likely be spent at the beach)– I wanted to share one of my favorite new additions to my Summertime wardrobe- courtesy of the good folks over at SALTY CREW.

This loose-fitting, super lightweight crop top (with the most fun fish taco print) was my go-to during a recent outing to Rye, New Hampshire- where my friend Dan and I made an afternoon drive along the coast for some tacos and cocktails at Kooks, which is one of my favorite places ever- and a quick wade into the Atlantic before we cruised the boardwalk as the sun was setting.

I paired this top with a pair of black bicycle shorts and a bright blue pair of Freedom Moses slides (not pictured) for maximum comfort while I was in and out of the water. They rinse off with no fuss when it comes time to get all of the sand off of you. Always a plus in my book!

This top looks great with a baggy pair of jeans, too- which I’ll keep in mind for any of the upcoming BBQs and cookouts I have lined up this month. There’s a lot- so this is definitely going to get it’s share of wear and tear throughout the remainder of Summer.

I’m also going to be grabbing a few more SALTY CREW essentials before I hit the road for the West Coast again in August. I absolutely love their brand- both the quality and the prices!

[ Photos by Dan Little ]


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