My Top 5 Summer Playlists!

I’m a huge fan of music (and really- who isn’t?)– which is sort of a prerequisite for working part-time at an independent Boston radio station and all- but I don’t think there are enough words in any language that can describe what a huge part of my life certain songs/albums/bands and artists play on a regular and almost daily basis.

So it should come as no surprise that I love a good and well-thought-out playlist for certain occasions, moods or even seasons! Back in my earlier blogging days I would spend hours agonizing over curating what I believed to be the best and most appealing playlists for Summertime, Fall, the holidays, etc., over on sites like 8Tracks or Playlist-dot-com until I finally relinquished some of that inner control freak and let the professionals over at streaming services (Spotify and Apple Music, for example) handle things.

And now as I pack for an early morning flight I’m catching tomorrow for a week-long getaway to some of the most breathtaking beaches and communities in California- I thought I’d share a handful of my favorite Summertime-inspired Spotify playlists that I love vibing to while I’m working, writing, driving or getting ready for some fun in the sun!

Surf Rock Sunshine – I am a beach bum, surfer girl at my core- so this playlist that features a variety of laid-back, chill songs that remind me of warm Summer nights by the seaside and more upbeat, high energy “cruising the coast” tracks as sporadic pick-me-ups sprinkled throughout it’s overall mellow vibe has been a longtime favorite of mine to tune into this time of year. With songs by The Growlers, Mac DeMarco and Turnover- this playlist is 4+ hours worth of Summertime perfection- even if you’ve never picked up a surfboard in your life!


Desert Daze – A little more instrumental and electronic, this user-crafted playlist of mostly funky beats and some soothing melodies peppered in here and there provides a really relaxing soundtrack for days where I’m working from home or during my occasional road trips through the desert between Las Vegas and Southern California. While there isn’t a whole lot of tunes in this one that you can sing along to- it’s still fun to crank up the bass and bop along while simultaneously staying focused and motivated.


Hawaiian Dreams – For the nights you’re having friends over for a quiet dinner/get-together and need a soothing soundtrack or if you simply want to fall asleep with your windows open to a cool breeze and the sounds of ukulele-this is the tropical paradise playlist of your dreams. Literally. Super relaxing with a tropical twist- I love listening to this playlist when I’m decompressing after a long day or unwinding before bed. It legitimately transports me to a beachside bungalow and I’m always 1000% calmer and laid-back as the songs continue to play.


Backyard BBQ – The name of this one pretty much says it all- and this is definitely a must-have-readily-available considering it provides your next cookout/BBQ with all the classic rock Summertime hits everyone (especially your parents) know and love- including Fleetwood Mac, Bruce Springsteen and Tom Petty- among many, many more. Summertime and classic rock go hand in hand, and this playlist- which exceeds eight hours!- is pretty much perfect. Throw it on your Bluetooth speakers, fire up your grill- and enjoy yourself!


Surf Punk Summer – And finally, another user-crafted playlist that takes me right back to growing up in the 90s with my older brothers who really, really loved punk and ska. This is another 8+ hour playlist where pretty much every track reminds me of going for ice cream in my brother’s Nova, riding bikes until the sun went down and the mosquitos came out, or hanging out at the arcade on the boardwalk at Hampton Beach. With Sublime, Wavves and Green Day among SO many other artists/bands- this playlist is an absolute gem!


And there you have it! Enough music to get you through Summer 2022 and then some!

Of course, I’m always looking for recommendations- so if you’ve got any personal favorite Summertime playlists- drop me a line or leave a comment! I’d love to check them out!

A little later on this week I’m going to be sharing what’s in my updated carry-on before I launch into some of the photos and recaps of my time in California.

‘Til next time!


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