What’s In My Carry-On?

Hello from Orange County, California! I arrived in this picturesque paradise yesterday afternoon to embark on a five-day tour and vacation hosted by my dear friend Troy. So far, I’ve been getting acclimated to the eateries and shops in and around his neighborhood- but over the next couple of days we’ll be exploring places like Santa Monica, Laguna Beach while leading up to a day at Disneyland next week before I fly home! I’m so grateful to be here in the sunshine and among the palm trees. It’s been absolute heaven, and I’ve only been here a day so far!

I figured now, having packed my suitcase like a professional- would be a good time to share my updated itinerary for my carry-on case whenever I travel. My last look at my assortment was a little over a year ago– and I’ve since added a few new necessities!

While a lot of my collection hasn’t gone anywhere- from hand sanitizer to lotion to Advil should I get a migraine or any aches/pains along the way- all of which remain within reach in my bag, I’ve made some upgrades to ensure that my days on the road or catching flights are as easy, hydrating and freshly-scented as possible.

First things first, a quick swipe of any of the miniature version of formulas from Native Deodorant are lifesavers. Travel days can be long and changing climates can be brutal- and all that extra stress or sweat does not do anyone any favors- but these discreetly packaged solids can refresh your day mid-flight or while you’re waiting to collect your luggage. I’ve been loving the pictured fragrance, Rosé- since it’s subtle and sweet- and it helps me feel dry and protected no matter how many delays or hiccups I encounter at the airport.

And while I may not always be able to brush my teeth on the plane or in-between connecting flights- literally any variation of Altoids Mints can instantly revive my mouth and my breath when I need it most. I always- ALWAYS – keep a tin in my purse, even when I’m not traveling any great distance! Side note: gum is always handy, too- especially since chewing some can relieve the pressure in your ears at high altitudes!

Another thing I absolutely have to keep on me- especially during/after red eye flights- is a heavy duty concealer to hide any dark circles of imperfections. I’ve been really loving the creamy formulated Shape Tape by Tarte lately- which provides long-term and comfortable full coverage without the creasing, fading or flaking. I dab a little bit on around my eyes after I exit any grueling flights and before I collect my luggage to give it a chance to sink in- and by the time I emerge with my things, you’d never guess I was on a twice-delayed overnight ride across the country!

And when I need to set the concealer or just refresh my skin when high altitudes dry it out- I am obsessed with this ultra fine and lightweight refresher spray from Pacifica– which doubles as a makeup setter. Infused with collagen, Vitamin C and soothing ingredients like jasmine and white tea- this quick-drying formula gives me a burst of soothing hydration and provides a dewy finish- which is perfect when I want to look fresh and natural while I travel.

I had talked about how much I was loving this moisturizing lip oil from Winky Lux back when I discussed some of my favorite things from March– and I can confirm that I’ve since repurchased it multiple and countless times since then! This has become my go-to for quick lip repair/maintenance when I’m on the go because of its non-sticky formula and clear finish (so I don’t have to worry about smudging!)

And I’m still loving that vanilla cake scent it has!

And finally- roll-on perfumes appear to be approved for TSA carry-on standards- and I love having one within reach for touch-ups throughout my day. I had recently run out of one of the Victoria’s Secret Summer-inspired Bombshell roll-ons and was looking for something a little more natural and fresh for the season. The ‘Coconut Cove’ perfume by Skylar was recommended by many friends- and I’ve been hooked ever since. It’s a subtle but still tropical fragrance that smells clean without being overpowering. I adore it!


And there you have it- an updated look into some of my carry-on bag! A few little lifesavers to help keep long travel days as stress-free and painless as possible.

I’ll be back next week with some of the photos/stories I’m collecting along the way during my trip- but if you’d like to share your own travel/carry-on essentials- drop me a line or leave a comment! I always love a good recommendation or life hack!


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