A Few of My Favorite Things: March 2022

It’s hard to believe that we are nearly finished with the month of March, Spring is finally here and April is just a few days away- but here we are! While I prepare to unpack the ups and downs of this past month in an upcoming post and before I begin to actually pack my suitcase for an upcoming cross-country weekend trip I’m taking in a couple of weeks- I wanted to share a few of my favorite things that have made March 2022 more stylish, convenient, silky smooth and hydrated (I’ll explain that a little more in-depth momentarily!)

As always with my monthly “Favorite Things” posts- the photogenic finds will be shared before I get into some miscellaneous odds and ends that I’ve also been loving- but couldn’t quite snap photos of! It’s been a good month for entertainment- both in movies/television and podcasting!

First things first, I was gifted these black and gold, scratch-resistant and slightly over-sized cat eye sunglasses by Privé Revaux– called “The Juliet”- and I fell head over heels in love with them right away. They’re so unbelievably cool, flattering and unique looking- and they have a ton of benefits other than the usual UVA/UVB filter. These sunglasses also include anti-flare and blue-light filters, too- which makes using my phone while I’m out and about much more comfortable and easy on my eyes.

I’m so glad that we’re heading into sunnier days where I can wear these more often. I have so many Spring and Summer outfits that these shades are going to elevate to the next level!

Speaking of being elevated to the next level, I know I’ve said it before but it is absolutely worth repeating- Victoria’s Secret has some absolutely incredible, high quality beauty and body products at insanely affordable prices. I love stocking up every couple of months on scrubs, lotions and body mists to throw in my bag for work or travel- and I have been obsessed with this honey and lavender sugar scrub throughout this month.

It’s almost time for me to start breaking out my seasonal dresses, skirts and short-sleeved blouses again- which means I need to make sure my skin continues to be exfoliated and moisturized regularly. This scrub leaves my skin smooth, clean and smelling absolutely gorgeous (and relaxing! I love lavender so much!)

I don’t just want my knees and elbows to be extra soft and smooth for the Springtime, though- I also pay extra special attention to my lips- and I’ve been loving lightweight and extra hydrating oils lately. This clear, super shiny oil from Winky Lux– which is packed with Vitamin E, avocado, sunflower and jojoba oils- keeps my lips feeling amazing for hours on end without any stickiness or tackiness. Just a couple of swipes here and there throughout the day and I’m good to go!

Also? It smells like vanilla cake and is both vegan and cruelty-free. How could I not love that?

I’ve been getting facials every few weeks- both to keep my skin looking and feeling it’s best- but also because it is just so relaxing! Recently my esthetician, Jamie, recommended this daily/nightly serum by GlyMed Plus (used after cleansing and before moisturizer and SPF.) It helps speed up cell restoration in the skin, it reduces dark spots/discolorations, breaks down oils and bacteria in the pores, and brightens the complexion.

I’ve been using this twice a day, daily- and a little goes a long way- and it’s made such a tremendous difference in my complexion and the texture of my skin. My face looks and feels so smooth, it’s visibly brighter- and my moisturizers and makeup sink into and blend onto my skin so much better!

Ask your local esthetician about this product if you’re interested in giving it a try!

And finally, some of you might remember these Vans Sneakers that made an appearance in a recent OOTD post I shared– but they were definitely one of my favorite accessories from March (and will more than likely remain a favorite throughout the Spring and Summer!) Part of Vans’ Valentine’s Day collection this year, these lace-up low-tops include an adorable daisy design and script along the sides.

I’m going to be bringing these on my cross-country trip, for sure- and I can’t wait! They’re super comfortable and I’m going to be doing a lot of walking in the desert!

That’s pretty much it for the favorites I could capture on my camera- but plenty of other things made the list this month, too!


  • ‘X’ – I have been so excited for the release of this horror movie since a friend forwarded me a link to the trailer a few months ago. Super sleek, genuinely creepy, and full of surprises- I saw ‘X’ on it’s opening weekend this month and absolutely loved it! If you’re a fan of 1970s, grindhouse-style horror and aren’t afraid of a little special effects gore- this one is for you!
  • ‘The Batman’ – Another highly anticipated release this past month, I caught an afternoon screening of the latest Batman installment and really enjoyed it, as well! The entire cast is phenomenal and I love how dark and gritty this version is- especially since some of the past versions have been, well- not so good. Robert Pattinson has come so far, and I’ve really loved so many of his recent movies.
  • ‘Baking to the B Movies’ – A little self promotion never hurt anyone! Stef and I have finally launched our horror movie and cooking/baking Podcast as of this month, with our second episode set to go live shortly. We’re having a lot of fun and hope that those who have listened to far have enjoyed it, too. You can find us on Spotify and SoundCloud!

And that just about does it for my March 2022 Favorites, everyone! I’m excited for April- not only because I get to travel a little but because of the new “Favorite Things” I’m sure I’ll find along the way!


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