Local Loves: Davenport Maple Farm

Happy Maple Week, everyone (or one of a few that typically take place throughout March and April!) This time of year, all the local maple farms and sugar shacks in and around my part of New England start offering their homemade syrups, sugars, candies and various other maple-infused goods to the public in the forms of pop-up shops and restaurants. It’s a sort of fitting send-off to the Winter season and a delicious way to welcome the Spring.

This past weekend, with the last of the snow melting (for now?) and a little light rain setting in- I stopped by a hidden gem in Shelburne Falls for a sweet and sticky brunch that might not have been the healthiest thing to eat- but definitely made for a satisfying Saturday morning.

The Davenport Maple Farm, located along the winding back roads of Shelburne Falls- is a fully operational sugar house, general store and restaurant- offering breakfast selections all day. I do have one recommendation before you drop by, however- and that is make a reservation- because they get busy.

I was seated with a very nice family visiting from Philadelphia when I dropped by and ordered some maple pancakes (with bacon!)– but the wait and slightly peculiar seating arrangement was worth it. The food was delicious- and fast!- and afterwards I made sure to grab some maple cream and maple sugar to try and recreate the magic from my own kitchen.

I plan on stopping by again within the next couple of weeks to try out their French Toast Someone at the table I was seated at ordered it- and it looked amazing.

I love Maple Season!


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