To Have and to Hold…

Although this morning has consisted of me jumping right back into work bright and early while simultaneously preparing to head back to California in a couple of days- I’m still buzzing from what was an absolutely sensational and gorgeous weekend spent with my family and new friends- with plenty of drinks, dancing and silliness.

My cousin (AKA little sister) Paige got married this past weekend at The Log Cabin in Holyoke- a beautiful venue at the top of Mt. Tom that includes panoramic views of the Pioneer Valley below. As the Maid of Honor- I arrived early on Friday afternoon for a quick rehearsal and dinner so I could meet and mingle with the rest of the wedding party- sans my niece, the Jr. Bridesmaid who I already know very well!- and receive instructions on how the actual ceremony would go down.

The remainder of the wedding party, bridesmaids and groomsmen, were mostly comprised of Paige and her husband Brian’s college friends- and not only were they some of the absolute sweetest people you could ever hope to meet- they were unbelievably fun and ready to party. I genuinely loved spending time with them leading up to the exchange of vows and in the reception immediately afterwards. They were a blast.

And then yesterday, those of us still in town joined together a final time for the weekend to have an amazing brunch not far from the venue at The D. Hotel– where a lot of the guests traveling in for the wedding had stayed.

The ceremony went off perfectly, with gorgeous weather and no wardrobe malfunctions or mishaps. Being able to watch two people I love more than life itself take this exciting next step together after having to postpone it 2+ years because of the pandemic, and to be able to tell everyone present for the party just how much they meant to me (as nerve-wracking as public speaking can be when you’re a couple of drinks in!) is something I’m so grateful for.

I’m sure I’ll share the photos from the professional photographers who documented the day’s events once Paige gets them- and I’m so excited to see them. We all made quite an entrance and the night got pretty wild! There are going to be memorable ones for sure!

I think I speak for everyone- bride, groom and the rest of the wedding party- when I say that I’m so appreciative of everyone who came for the weekend’s events. We couldn’t have made any of this happen without the overwhelming love, support and patience from those who love Brian and Paige as much as we do- and from every server, florist, stylist and helping hand who made sure we had everything we needed and then some!


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