For The Bride-To-Be…

As I write this, it’s very, very early on Friday morning and I am taking a break between finishing up laundry and packing for the weekend ahead. Although my travel plans over these next few days are predominantly around my part of Massachusetts- I have so much happening in the next 48 hours that I need to make sure I’m prepared for pretty much anything.

I had mentioned in an earlier post that my cousin Paige is getting married and she has bestowed upon me the privilege of being her Maid of Honor. With tonight being the rehearsal dinner, tomorrow being photos/the ceremony and the reception, and then Sunday being a brunch with the wedding party and family to properly close out the weekend- these past few days have been all about triple-checking details and coordinating rides/pick-ups with the other bridesmaids to get to and from the pertinent venues.

I think, at last, we’re ready to go!

I’ve put the finishing touches on my speech, which I thought I’d share here- not only because I’m quite proud of it- but also because if I forget the written copy anywhere or it gets damaged/destroyed, I can pull it up on here and read it!

Good Evening. Thank you all so much for being here tonight for such a joyous and special occasion. I know many of you traveled a long way for this- and I think I speak for Paige, Brian and everyone in the wedding party when I say we are so grateful for your presence.

For anyone who doesn’t know me- my name is Ashley. I’m Paige’s cousin and, shockingly, her Maid of Honor. I hope she’s not regretting that decision.

Paige came into my life as a newborn when I was still very young myself. When her parents were working full-time- they asked my mother to baby-sit Paige during the workdays. I myself am the youngest of three- with two older brothers- so being able to experience being an honorary “big sister” was something I was very excited about. Now *I* could boss someone else around for a change.

Of course, being bossy was not something I could do right away. Paige still had to learn how to walk, talk, read- all things she took to quickly and excelled at. As she grew up and we spent countless Summer vacations together with my parents in and around New England and Florida- it was very clear that Paige was not only curious about everything and anything- she was also very smart and determined- accomplishing anything she set her mind to. When Paige first told me she wanted to become a Doctor- I knew there would be no stopping her.

With my being a little older, Paige was there for my milestones- graduations, degrees, first jobs or cars or apartments- and I got to see hers, as well- including becoming a Doctor. Just like she said she would. And that blows any of my accomplishments out of the water. Paige, we are all so proud of you- and I hope you know that you were and are my mother’s favorite.

Despite Paige’s academic and career success, however- I take full and sole credit for her finding true love with Brian. I did not introduce them. I did not set them up- and I did not play any role in the beginning of their relationship- but I’d like to think Paige, having witnessed my own dating history as we grew up- learned to do the exact opposite of whatever I was doing and recognize a good guy when she met one. I am, after all- a role model.

When I was introduced to Brian for the first time- I immediately understood why Paige loved him so much. He is sweet, funny, intelligent- and a perfect match to Paige’s wit and curious mind. Also, he did not go running and screaming towards the hills when he realized how bizarre our family is. And I’m so thrilled he is now officially a part of the insanity and that we are all here to witness another milestone in Paige & Brian’s lives as they take this wonderful next step together.

Brian- welcome to our family. We are so blessed and honored to have you.

And Paige – I have always tried to be someone you could look up to- but I want you to know that the roles are reversed. I look up to and admire you so much- and I know my father would have been so proud of you, too.

So raise your glass if you’ve got one- and let’s toast to the newlyweds and a lifetime of happiness they have before them.

Not too bad, right? I hope I can pull it off!

I’ll be back next week with plenty of photos and a recap of the weekend and ceremony- and I’ll be sure to snap some photos/videos for MY INSTAGRAM, too. Feel free to follow along!

Enjoy your weekend, everyone!


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