The Great Summer Kickoff!

We may be a few days removed from Memorial Day, but I’m still beaming with joy at what a fun and very busy weekend I had- filled with friends, food and some incredible live music as I celebrated the arrival of the Summer season and important milestones for my loved ones!

I had taken last Friday off from my full-time job to focus my attention (and the first part of my weekend) on the Boston Calling Music Festival– where I was on-site as a correspondent for indie617 to take photos, conduct interviews and otherwise just work on my tan and have a good time. It was wonderful being able to see longtime friends and former colleagues from other radio stations and local publications- some of whom I hadn’t seen since well before the pandemic started- and catch up in and around the media/press area. I would have been content with just that- but I was so fortunate to also see some amazing artists and performances throughout Friday and Saturday- including The Struts, Black Pumas, Dutch Tulips, and Orville Peck (!!!!)

The festival was not without it’s hiccups, of course- with torrential downpours (resulting in a shelter in place going into effect right as I was preparing to start an interview!) and COVID-related cancellations for a few acts, but everyone remained in good spirits and stepped up to the plate when needed- and I think everyone who attended had a phenomenal time. I know *I* did.

And I absolutely and 100% grabbed one of my favorite Boston Calling traditions while I was there- a waffle cone filled with baked beans, mac and cheese, pulled pork and cole slaw. I couldn’t’ NOT get one.

On Sunday, Dan and I hit the road and headed in the complete opposite direction of Boston to spend a day in Saratoga Springs, New York- where we had tickets to see The Lumineers and Caamp at an outdoor venue within Saratoga Spa State Park. Prior to the show, we checked out the downtown area- enjoying sushi, pizza and Summer-y cocktails at Morrissey’s, an upscale restaurant/bar within the Adelphi Hotel. The food was- unsurprisingly- delicious, and I’m in love with the hotel’s décor. I absolutely plan on going back soon!

As for the show- there’s something about watching the sun set over the stage, with your feet in the grass and singing along to some of your favorite songs with a band you love that truly makes for a memorable and beautiful experience. I was perfectly happy!

And finally, on Monday- Memorial Day itself- I returned to my hometown to gather with so many good friends and extended family to celebrate my BFF and lifetime bestie Sean’s college graduation with a day-long cookout! The weather was perfect as we toasted his success and hard work with a couple of beers, some chicken wings, cake and a highly competitive volleyball competition.

I’m so, so proud of him and I can’t wait to see what he does next- although I know it’ll involve a beach day within the next couple of weeks and I’m excited for that, too!

And now as we prepare to head into another and much-less busy weekend- I’m looking forward to whipping up some Summertime recipes, share a few local and seasonal hot spots- and get ready for all the travel and excitement I have coming in the weeks ahead!


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Hi! I'm Ashley. I'm a blogger and a radio personality with a makeup and shoe addiction based out of Boston and the Pioneer Valley. These are my (mis)adventures.

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