A Few of My Favorite Things: June 2022

Oh, Summer- how I love you so! This past month has been all about soaking up the sun, dipping into true “Vacation Mode” and taking in all of the beachy vibes- and I’ve been savoring every second of it! And while I’ll have my full write-up and recap of the month of June up and running on the blog within the next few days- I wanted to kick off this week with a look at some of the products, finds and indulgences that have made this month all the more wonderful.

Given how much time I spent outdoors throughout these past few weeks, and how I am a fair-skinned redhead- my “Favorites” for June consist of a lot of body care- both preventative and repairing- to not only fight off the negative long-term effects of the sunshine, but also repair any damage harmful rays and heat can cause to my skin and hair.

For those who have followed this blog for any length of time, you know how these types of posts are typically formatted- but if this is your first time reading (welcome, by the way!)– I share the items/products I was able to snap photos of first before I dive into any miscellaneous odds and ends!

So without further delay, here are a few of my favorite things from June 2022!

My complexion is of the “burn and then tan” variety- but I do everything in my power to avoid the burning part. The conundrum is that I love having a little color to my skin, and self-tanners only succeed in turning me orange and making my skin smell like burnt toast (I can’t be the only one who thinks self-tanners smell like that!) I wasn’t sure what to do this Summer to give myself a healthy glow without the pain or permanent skin damage- and then I stumbled on b.tan at my local pharmacy.

The ‘tropic like it’s hot’ spray-on tanning oil helps me build a gradual and natural-looking tan each time I’m out in the sun while simultaneously offering SPF15 and skin-nourishing ingredients like Vitamin C, Vitamin E and grapefruit to keep me from burning or drying out in hotter temperatures!

I used this in California and came home with a gorgeous bronzed glow that is still going strong! The formula smells great and is vegan, too- so I’ll definitely be picking up more as we head into July!

I’ve raved about my love of Native deodorants in the past, and their seasonal collections are always SO good- but their Summer 2022 products, inspired by tropical drinks- has been an absolute delight. I’ve been especially loving their piña colada-scented items- and this rich and hydrating body wash is no exception!

Made with clean ingredients, this daily wash leaves my skin soft, smooth and smelling delicious for hours after a shower. It’s wonderful, affordable and definitely gets me into a Summer state of mind every day!

Between days at the ocean and dips in the pool- I knew my color-treated hair would likely take a beating this month- so I did my best to stop damage in it’s tracks by finding a rejuvenating and repairing leave-in conditioner to use before and immediately after I hit the water to keep my red bold and my curls soft and frizz-free.

I’ve been really enjoying the ‘Light as a Feather’ leave-in treatment from Hairitage. Another vegan formula, this lightweight spray protects my ends and my color without making my curls look/feel greasy or worse- bone dry. I’m left with soft, manageable hair that is just as bright and bouncy as ever!


That just about does it for my photogenic favorites for this month, but I’ve got a few other things that made the list, too!


– ‘Star Wars: Rise of the Resistance’: Prior to this month, I had never been to Disneyland in California- and I’d only ever seen photos from the ‘Star Wars’ themed area through social media and friends who had visited for themselves- but it was hands down one of the coolest things I ever got to experience. Although the wait time for the 4D ‘Rise of the Resistance’ ride surpassed 2 hours, it was absolutely worth the wait and is something I have recommended to everyone since returning home. I’d go on it 100 more times- no questions asked! It was SO cool!

– Starbucks’ Pineapple Passionfruit Refresher: Starbucks finally listened to my pleas (see: demands) for more pineapple on their menu- and I’ve been obsessed with their newest refresher addition since it launched earlier this month. This one is great when mixed with lemonade or given the ‘Pink Drink’ treatment with coconut milk- and I’m hoping it becomes a permanent fixture moving forward!

And that just about does it for my favorites for June! I have a feeling a lot of these products will be following me into July and August- especially when I do some more traveling out West again! They’re definitely going to come in handy.

And f course- I’ll have another assortment of items/odds & ends near the end of July- so be sure to check back to see what makes the cut!


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