A Month to Remember: September 2021

Oh September, as much as I love and live for all things October and Halloween and spooky- it’s always so hard to say goodbye to you! This month is, after all- the peaceful and transitional period between those final hot and humid days of Summer and the true beginning of hoodie and boots season. This is the month where my apartment turns into an actual cozy cottage-inspired Pinterest board and I start unconsciously ordering my coffee hot instead of iced.

September is a beautiful month, especially here in Western Massachusetts- and this year was no exception. I kicked off this month- and the Fall- by recapping the second half of my end-of-August trip in Marfa, Texas (as well as my camping adventure!) before promptly diving into all things Autumnal and celebrating 250 posts here on “Coffee & Chiffon” with a long overdue giveaway. Side Note: thank you so, so much to everyone who entered and shared. The responses were overwhelming and I hope you’ll all be just as eager to participate in my next one- which will be happening soon!

I enjoyed brunches with friends on cooler and crisper mornings, zip-lining and hiking over and through the gradually changing foliage with one of my nearest and dearest who was visiting from California, many dinners and nights out on the town(s) when I wasn’t stopping by my usual orchards and stocking up on cider– and a highly anticipated return to The Big E!

Of course, I wanted to close out September as big and boldly as possible- so I took a little impromptu road trip to Pennsylvania and Delaware to attend my first live music festival in over a year and reunite with longtime friends at Firefly Fest in Dover!

As always, it was so good to see Andrew and Steven (who I hadn’t seen since the very end of 2019!) and watch incredible performances by Band of Horses, Cold War Kids, and my favorite band of bros- The Killers. It was just hours and hours of fantastic music, refreshingly chilly air and good vibes among 50,000 other vaccinated festival enthusiasts. I’d nearly forgotten how much I missed things like that!

And now, with this most action-packed and adventurous of months coming to a close- it’s time to look ahead into October. With all of the Halloween seasonal events/traditions I missed out on last year due to COVID-19 reopening at long last- the weeks ahead are going to be filled with all sorts of creepy and scary day/weekend trips, attractions and roadside oddities. I have historic landmarks, unusual graves and headstones, famous and renowned haunts- and so much more to share- and that’s not even including my usual recipes and Outfit Of The Day Posts, too!

So here’s to September 2021- a month filled with incredible memories, much-needed time off with friends and family, traveling to new and old locations alike- and a lot of pumpkin spice lattes.

I’ll see you all in October!


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Hi! I'm Ashley. I'm a blogger and a radio personality with a makeup and shoe addiction based out of Boston and the Pioneer Valley. These are my (mis)adventures.

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