Not-So-Local-Loves: El Cosmico

When I wrote about my recent road trip to Texas (Part 1 is HERE – and Part 2 is HERE!)– I had briefly mentioned my stay at the famous El Cosmico campground during the latter half of my journey. I knew, shortly after my arrival and taking a look around- that it was a place deserving of it’s own post all together given how truly unique, fun and picturesque it is.

Sitting on 21 acres of land and just minutes away from downtown Marfa, Texas- El Cosmico is a camping experience like no other. While visitors are more than welcome to bring their own tents and gear to set up for a night or two (or more)– a wide array of shelter options are available to choose from based on the type of experience you’re looking to have on the grounds. There are safari tents, teepees, trailers of various sizes and yurts- as well as a small on-site apartment style building for those who may not be too enthusiastic about using an outdoor shower.

During my stay for a couple of nights after checking out of the Hotel Paisano earlier in the week- I opted for a pink and floral detailed trailer, nicknamed ‘Amigo’- which included a comfortable bed, a seating/dining area, a fully functioning heater/AC unit and a small kitchen. Also included? 100% cotton robes to lounge in.

My bathroom and shower were just a couple of steps away in a private and shaded area outside of the trailer- and given how hot it was while I was in Texas- those colder early morning showers before the sun had fully rose in the sky were surprisingly refreshing.

El Cosmico’s lobby not only offers gifts and souvenirs- but basic provisions for visitors and guests, as well- including food, beverages, toiletries and medical supplies. Having run out of my shampoo near the end of my trip and nursing a couple of painful horsefly bites from my time in the desert- I felt safe and relieved knowing that I only had to walk a short distance across the campground to purchase what I needed to effectively clean my hair and the bites.

El Cosmico hosts a series of weekly and annual events, as well- including yoga classes, karaoke and their Trans-Pecos Festival of Music + Love. This year’s festival, set to take place later on this month- includes performances by Parquet Courts, Sleater-Kinney, Courtney Barnett, etc. It’s the biggest of music festivals in the smallest of towns!

The next time I head back to Marfa (and I will absolutely be returning someday)– I’ll happily stay at El Cosmico again. I had an incredible, comfortable, one-of-a-kind GLAM-ping experience- and I may even try a different lodging option, like a teepee or a yurt!


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