From The Mountaintops…

The last time I went zip-lining was a few years ago during an early Spring getaway with friends to New Hampshire, where we spent an entire day going from platform to platform on Mount Washington. Sure, it was cold- and I couldn’t get in front of the fireplace fast enough when we eventually retuned to the resort we’d been staying at- but the views were spectacular and I felt safe at all times.

So when Troy, who is visiting from California this week- suggested we take a day trip to the Berkshires, and specifically, Berkshire East Mountain Resort to catch a glimpse or two of the beginning of the New England foliage for an early afternoon zip-lining tour through the mountaintops- I jumped at the chance.

The leaves are only just starting to change color here in Western Massachusetts (they typically don’t peak until mid-October-ish) but being able to see them for miles and miles under a blue and sunny sky from the comfort of the ski lifts and then from the zip-line platforms themselves was such a thrill. The group we were with consisted of one other couple and our instructors- who were so fun and easy-going- so the tour didn’t take too long to complete and it wasn’t overly crowded.

When we finished our zip-lining session two hours earlier than we anticipated, Troy and I- still feeling very much outdoorsy and one with nature on such a beautiful and breezy day- took a long drive on the back roads where we discovered and subsequently hiked through a trail that wrapped around the remnants of what had previously been the common area of Hawley, Massachusetts. All that remains nowadays are crumbled stone foundations, closed off wells and markers to keep visitors from getting lost- and a lot of mosquitos. Despite sustaining a couple of bites while racing out of there- the trail was eerie but beautiful at the same time. I’d love to go back to explore it further- although I’d probably wait until the Winter before attempting it again.

Continuing our drive West, and before eventually circling back to return to town as the sun was setting- we made one final stop at one of our favorite restaurants- the Freight Yard Pub in North Adams. It was still warm enough to enjoy a hard cider outdoors in their patio area, but cool enough where we weren’t roasting uncomfortably after a few minutes. September is by far the best month for weather here in New England.

It was such a gorgeous, silly and fun day for so many reasons- the main one being I got to spend quality time with someone so near and dear to me and my life and whom I haven’t seen since this past March when I had the opportunity to show him around Las Vegas while I was visiting. I’m excited to have another adventure or two in the days ahead before he heads back to the West Coast!

And now that I know about Berkshire East and all their resort has to offer- I will definitely be going snow tubing there this Winter!


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