250 Posts? Time For a Fall Giveaway!

When I first started “Coffee & Chiffon” at the very beginning of 2020- committing to a 3x a week posting schedule that would cover a variety of topics I was interested in like travel, food/cooking, beauty/makeup and fashion- I had no idea that just a few weeks later a global pandemic would change the world and everyone in it in profound and complex ways- myself included.

Suddenly and unexpectedly, blogging became less of a hobby and more of a salvation for my sanity- keeping me occupied during mandatory quarantines and long, extended periods of social distancing and working from home by myself. I wrote about the aforementioned interests (although travel was significantly limited for quite some time there)- but also about unusual and historical local landmarks and roadside oddities in and around New England to pass the time and get me out of the confines of my apartment for a few hours at a time.

And now, over a year later and able to do a little more exploring having been vaccinated- I only realized earlier this week that “Coffee & Chiffon” has officially reached 250 posts- a personal milestone for both myself and this little blog that could/is continuing to persevere through one of the most bizarre times in the world.

And given that it’s nearly the official beginning of Fall- I thought I’d celebrate with a little giveaway for those who subscribe, those who occasionally visit- and even those who may have just stumbled on this blog by accident.

I’ll post the ways to enter/qualify below, as well as the rules and guidelines- of which there only a couple- but here’s what’s included:

1. This ceramic “Sweater Weather” speckled campfire mug from Sweet Water Décor (microwave and dishwasher safe!) Perfect for your pumpkin spice lattes or hot cider.

2. The “Hello Pumpkin” soy candle, also from Sweet Water Décor. This vegan, hand-poured candle smells like pumpkin, vanilla, whipped cream- and buttery pie crust. It’s amazing.

3. A plaid blanket scarf (pictured. It’s what the candle and the mug are resting on!) This scarf is super soft, can be worn in a variety of ways- and is the perfect colors for the coming season.

I’m also going to be throwing in a few extra surprises too, of course!

And now, the most important part- how to win- and just a couple of rules!

*The giveaway is running from now through 11:59 PM (EST) on Friday, September 10th, 2021- after which time a winner will be selected at random through Rafflecopter and contacted directly via e-mail to obtain additional information to process shipping (which I’ll be paying for!) If selected, you’ll have 72 hours to respond to the confirmation e-mail. If I don’t receive a response in that time, I’ll unfortunately have to select another winner, instead.

Nothing in this giveaway can be traded or swapped for something else. What you see is what you’ll be receiving if you win. If all of that sounds good and there are no additional questions/concerns- then this is what you need to do!*.

  • 1. Comment on this post with your first name and e-mail address. (Please keep in mind that I have comment moderation turned on to avoid spambots- so if your comment doesn’t appear right away- don’t panic! I’ll put it through as soon as I’m able!)
  • 2. You can tweet about the giveaway and link back directly to this post or to my homepage: CoffeeAndChiffon.com
  • 3. Leave your name and e-mail address on the giveaway post you can locate on MY INSTAGRAM!

That’s it! Just three simple ways to enter and you’re in!

I’m sure I’ll be doing another giveaway when I reach 500 posts- but I’m hoping it’ll be a little sooner than that!

Good luck to everyone who enters- and thanks for continuing to read my ramblings on here. It means the world to me.


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Hi! I'm Ashley. I'm a blogger and a radio personality with a makeup and shoe addiction based out of Boston and the Pioneer Valley. These are my (mis)adventures.

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