A Month to Remember: August 2021

I don’t think anyone is more excited and ready for the beginning of the Fall than I am. Growing up in New England, it’s always been my favorite season for a variety of reasons I’m sure I’ve detailed at length on this blog in the past- the scenery, the smells and tastes (apple everything and pumpkin spice? Heaven.) Halloween- which is the best holiday- and cooler weather? I’m all about it- and this year I have a long list of things I plan on doing and documenting.

But as eager as I am for the start of September- I first have to tip my hat to August of 2021- which was one of the most adventurous ways to close out a Summer that I’ve had in recent memory- filled with spur-of-the-moment travel plans and extended road trips amid catching up with longtime friends and immediate family members.

I kicked off August with a way overdue reunion with my circle of friends at one of their homes/farms. It was the first time we’d all been together since last Fall when we’d gone to our mutual friend’s outdoor and socially distanced wedding in New Hampshire. Now, with us all being vaccinated, we played with the animals, had an amazing dinner- and watched low budget horror movies- which is one of our most cherished traditions.

This past month also saw me make a break for the ocean, and specifically Newport, Rhode Island again- where I spent an afternoon wining and dining and watching a storm roll in by a historic lighthouse. One of these days I’ll make it a point to go sailing during the Summer. From the looks of things- it’s a lot of fun when the weather is nice!

I wrote about a couple of the best eateries here in the Pioneer Valley- including a fantastic seafood shack and a pub I frequent that’s right around the corner from my apartment and which serves the best locally sourced food and brews around. In-between those afternoons/evenings out, I also swung by a beloved farm to pick some blueberries and catch a glimpse of the blossoming sunflowers before it’s time to switch into pumpkin mode.

And when I wasn’t sharing my end-of-the-season recipes and outfits-of-the-day- I also provided a glimpse into my Summer skincare and hair care routine, which is low-key one of my favorite things to write about every few months since I love trying new products.

Of course, the biggest thing to happen this past month was my random road trip to Marfa, Texas- where I had the best time living the cowgirl lifestyle in the middle of nowhere. I’d recently written about the first leg of my journey, and the second half/recap of my trip will be up in a couple of days (since I’m still actively organizing all the photos I took!)

So, some may be wondering- what could I possibly have planned for September? Well, other than some Autumnal-inspired dishes/desserts and a look into my updated wardrobe for the cooler temperatures and changing landscape- I’ll have my very first giveaway up and running here on Coffee & Chiffon- not only to celebrate the season but also to commemorate a posting milestone here on the blog!

I’ll also have a look at some of my favorite places to visit as the leaves begin to change colors, doing some shopping and a lot of taste-testing at a seafood festival that is finally making it’s highly anticipated return following a previous COVID-cancellation- and hitting the road again and heading to both Philadelphia and Delaware to go to my first music festival since 2019!

So here’s to not only August- but to Summer of 2021 overall. Sure, it was still a little strange (not as strange as 2020, to it’s credit)- but still fun and unexpected and filled with plenty of good memories and excitement just the same.

And here’s hoping September is just as lovely and kind- to all of us.

Let’s get ready for the Fall!


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Hi! I'm Ashley. I'm a blogger and a radio personality with a makeup and shoe addiction based out of Boston and the Pioneer Valley. These are my (mis)adventures.

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