A Few of My Favorite Things: August 2021

As I wind down with my final days in Texas this week/weekend and prepare to return home to the East Coast, return to work t my office- and get ready for the extensive list of Fall activities and events I have planned for the weeks and months ahead- I thought I’d take a break from soaking up the sun in the prairies and the desert to cool down in my camper and talk about some of my favorite things from August. And no, I cannot believe we’ve reached September already!

My favorites for this month include- but aren’t limited to- items I’d been using throughout the Summer to improve my somewhat sunkissed complexion and something I had picked up to make sure my travel selfie game was on point, but they also feature a couple of newer additions I’ve fallen in love with since arriving in the little town of Marfa and while both exploring and window shopping these past few days!

I’ve also got some new music I can’t wait to talk about!

So without further delay, let’s see what made the list for this month!

I couldn’t take off to Texas for a week and not stock up on plenty of gifts for my friends and family for when I came back- and while they are going to love their t-shirts, ponchos, jewelry and baking/cooking goods- it’s my mom who will be the most happy since I’m bringing her some of the nicest smelling soap created by Marfa Brand Soap Co. for her kitchen and bathroom sinks.

Infused with natural ingredients that cleanse and condition without drying out the skin- these soaps are made right here in Marfa and can be purchased in-store or online. I made sure to check out their factory while I was stocking up- and they have so many additions you can purchase, too- like soap dishes, linen towels, body oils, etc.

My favorite soap has got to be their “Campfire” one. It’s smoky and earthy and reminds me of late Autumn days- so naturally I had to get one for myself, too!

Some of you may remember this daily cleanser from Sun Bum from my Summer skincare/hair care routine I shared earlier this month– but it’s reappearing on this list not only because of how effective, but gentle, it is- but also because it smells like banana cream pie which makes my mornings and evenings a little better and brighter.

I packed this cleanser with me for my trip, and it has been an absolute life saver in Texas’ dry and dusty climate. My skin still looks and feels soft and smooth and most importantly- clean!- which is so important when you’re sweating in the sunshine for hours at a time. I haven’t experienced any clogged pores, dullness or uneven tones- and I truly believe this cleanser plays a major part in that.

I have been in desperate need of new coffee mugs for my apartment since the ones I used daily while working from home for over a year during the pandemic are pretty worn out, cracked, faded, etc. I had been on the prowl for a good campfire style one for a while now, but a lot of the ones I’d seen had awful logos or unfunny puns sprawled on them- and I wanted something I could bring into the office when I needed to.

I stumbled on this yellow ceramic MARFA mug while browsing the shops at Hotel Paisano earlier this week- and I know I’m going to cherish it. I won’t write paragraph after paragraph about a mug- since it’s pretty self-explanatory- but along with key chains, these are my favorite types of things to collect when I travel!

And finally, I am traveling solo- which is fun and freeing and I love it- but it does make getting those perfect photos a little tricky. Knowing I’d want great selfies in front of Prada Marfa and at El Cosmico without having to hold my arm out at a weird angle, I invested in this Bluetooth enabled phone tripod from Fugetek. This foldable tripod (that comes with a convenient drawstring carrying case) can extend to over five feet in length- which has made it perfect for capturing some great shots of me on the road that I would not have been able to get otherwise!

It’s super easy to assemble/lock and fold up for transport- and you can see some of the photos I’ve been able to take with it over on MY INSTAGRAM.

That just about does it for the favorites I was able to snap photos of while I’m out and about- but as always- something else made the list, too!

– Music/Movies/Television –

  • The Killers – “Pressure Machine”: Described as dark and maybe a little depressing by some critics- I wasn’t quite sure what to expect from The Killers’ latest release earlier this month, but “Pressure Machine”- vastly different from the sounds and songs I’m used to- is still a hit. With more serious subject matter and slower pacing- this album is great for those moodier and broodier Fall soundtracks we all like to put together, but I still enjoyed giving it the millionth listen through while driving through the desolate back roads of Texas!

And that’s it for my favorites for August of 202`1! With an upcoming change in the season, I’m sure I’ll have plenty of new things to share in September!

My look back on the month that was will be up on Monday morning- and my goodness do I have a lot to write about!


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