Local Loves: The People’s Pint

Before I depart for the desert and what I’m hoping will be some fantastic BBQ places in Western Texas next week, I thought I’d take a break from packing my suitcase to visit something a little closer to home, first. With a cozy atmosphere that was perfect for a dark and stormy late Summer evening, a great and affordable menu filled with dishes of locally sourced meats, fruits and vegetables- and an extensive beer list that is brewed right down the street- The People’s Pint is one of my favorite local dining spots that’s within walking distance of my apartment in Greenfield, Massachusetts.

The People’s Pint, first opened in 1997, recently reemerged for the first time in over a year following the mandatory COVID-19 closures and restrictions. When it didn’t look like they were offering takeout options throughout 2020 (and honestly, I would have ordered their amazing nachos multiple times per week if they had)- it left a lot of us here in town concerned that they wouldn’t be able to survive the pandemic like so many other businesses in the area.

But they came back with purpose and with the same great service and food- and it’s great to see so many people enjoying themselves at both their indoor and outdoor dining areas again on any given night.

Earlier this week, as a “treat myself” experience after a long few days at the office- I indulged in their nachos (of course), a cheese quesadilla and some blueberry and rhubarb cobbler. And, since everything is made fresh and in-house- I wasn’t left feeling like I had devoured a bunch of processed or reheated, pre-packaged food. I was full, absolutely- but not uncomfortably so.

They offer a great selection of Mexican dishes, sure- but The People’s Pint also has a fantastic selection of BBQ options, various sandwiches and pasta entrees, too. I know I’ll be heading back there when I return to the East Coast in a couple of weeks- and I’m excited to try something new when I do!


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