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Although my Summertime Bucket List/”To-Do” List includes a lot of places and activities that are located primarily along the coast and at the beach- there are a few seasonal transition things on there as well as we navigate through these final weeks of Summer 2021 and prepare to head into the early days of Fall (my favorite season here in New England!)

Those activities include visiting local farmers markets, end-of-the-season seafood festivals and clambakes, a few final dips in the ocean before it gets too cold- and picking sunflowers and blueberries since it’s nearly time to start searching for the perfect pumpkins and decorative gourds again.

This past weekend, just as the sun was starting to get highest in the sky and the temperatures soared once more, I stopped by one of my favorite places in Phillipston, Massachusetts- Red Apple Farm– to pick some fresh blueberries and enjoy the beautiful views of their blooming sunflower fields.

I wrote about Red Apple Farm last Fall during my annual apple picking pilgrimage- and I’m happy to report their blueberries are just as plentiful. I was able to fill a quart in pretty much no time at all and then cooled off in their general store where I picked up a few jams and jellies I’d recently run low on back at home.

And although I was awfully tempted to pick some sunflowers, too- I was content with just walking through the fields and letting them grow even taller, instead. I never get tired of looking at rows and rows of sunflowers. It’s one of my favorite things about this time of year- and Red Apple Farm has so many!

While I was there, I noticed that the apples are just starting to grow, as are the pumpkins- so I anticipate I’ll be back at some point in September and/or October to stock up on those, too- but for now I’m quite happy making blueberry muffins and scones with what I was able to pick this time around!


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