Local Loves: Captain Jack’s Roadside Shack

Just because Summer 2021 is winding down doesn’t mean you still can’t enjoy an unbelievably good lobster roll- and earlier this week after a long day at work and an even longer commute back to the Pioneer Valley, I opted to treat myself to one at one of my favorite roadside stops in Easthampton- a place I haven’t been to since the Summer of 2019 right after I first moved out this way.

Captain Jack’s Roadside Shack, which is exactly what it sounds like- recently moved to a new but temporary location, just down the street from their longtime home in Easthampton- but their extensive menu of lobster rolls, fish tacos, hot dogs, hamburgers, and a plethora of other Summertime favorites and classics has remained the same. They’re reportedly going to be relocating again- although I’d heard it wouldn’t be until the end of the season.

I’d first heard about the shack via the children’s theater group I had previously worked with pre-COVID-19, since they were a season sponsor and their advertisements would be all over our social media- but I hadn’t actually tried them until a couple of years ago while I was traveling back from an afternoon rehearsal. I’ve been hooked ever since- and it just isn’t Summer without a couple of stops there before the Fall rolls back around.

Everything on their menu is reasonably priced, there’s plenty of places to park and/or sit and enjoy your food (I opted to stuff my face at the comfort of a picnic table since the sun was finally out!) and the staff are super friendly.

I plan on making at least one more stop at the shack before Labor Day for one final food coma- but I highly recommend it if you find yourself in Easthampton and in need of a quick bite!


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