Reunion at the Farm…

One of the biggest and most important silver linings to my post-vaccination status- even as we continue to struggle through this pandemic and it’s variants as a Nation- is being able to reunite with friends who have also been vaccinated and who I haven’t seen in a very, very long time. Case in point- this past weekend- where Sean and I met up and participated in a laid-back, low-key reunion with our friends Stef and Andy at their home/farm in Barre, Massachusetts.

I describe their home as a farm because they are and have been completely self-sufficient- even before the pandemic hit- from their gigantic garden that produces insanely huge fruits and vegetables, to their dogs/cats/chickens/quails/bunnies/bees, etc., to their homemade soaps and herbal teas. If anyone was prepared to stay at home and ride this thing out for the long haul- it was Stef and Andy. They are fully prepared for any type of apocalypse.

After giving us a tour of all the new things they’ve been growing/making these past few months since I’d last seen them, and letting us squeal at how cute their animals were- Sean and I were treated to a true farm-to-table dinner (which was absolutely delicious!) I’d also brought a store-bought peach crumble pie for dessert, and although I didn’t grow the peaches myself- I don’t think anyone minded too much.

When dinner was over, we all watched a ridiculously over-the-top, low-budget horror movie for old time’s sake (a regular weekend ritual, pre-COVID days!) and made plans to get together again sooner than later. I think we were all in agreement that not seeing each other for weeks or months at a time- especially when we’ve all known each other since our teens/early twenties- wasn’t acceptable.

It was an incredible, fun, long-overdue night with friends and the ease and the normalcy of it was so, so comforting- and definitely something that was needed given how chaotic things continue to be in the world!

And although one of our other longtime friends couldn’t make it- pending completion of their vaccinations- I’m hoping they’ll be at our next get-together so it’ll truly be the old gang back together again!


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